IMG_0126Greetings! I’m Mama Mia and this^^^ is my family, sans Handsome Husband.

(photo cred & mega props: www.valeriehiblerphotography.com)

We hail from Oregon and China, respectively, but currently make a home in the beautiful, oft frozen tundra of Montana.

Husband is a hard-working smarty-pants toiling in the tech industry, while I’m a full-time, home-schooling mom/teacher and part-time real-estate professional.

When not documenting life here in our virtual time capsule, I spin my wheels chasing both children and chickens alike, zipping around town in my super sexy minivan.

Our family mission statement:

We who dwell in this
Home live with the
Intent of glorifying God with
Thanksgiving in
Everything we do.

*White is our last name, I assure you we are not racial supremacists.

Watch our Give1Save1 adoption video here:

The Story of Us from Lex on Vimeo.


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