IMG_0126I’m Mama Mia and these are my critters. I blog so I feel better about not finishing my kids’ baby books. When not documenting life here in our virtual time capsule, I spin my wheels homeschooling my trio and driving them hither and yon to activities. We recently moved from the frozen tundra of Montana back to our home state of Oregon, where we live happily in a modern commune.

(photo cred & mega props: www.valeriehiblerphotography.com)

Our family mission statement:

We who dwell in this
Home live with the
Intent of glorifying God with
Thanksgiving in
Everything we do.

*White is our last name, I assure you we are not racial supremacists.

Watch our Give1Save1 adoption video here:

The Story of Us from Lex on Vimeo.


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Things that make me go hmmmm… From adoption to home-education, urban homesteading to social responsibility, this blog is focused on areas in life which inspire me to live a more intentional, God-honoring existence.