I’m blogging through the alphabet with A Net in Time & Hopkins Homeschool, and this week S is for Suburbia. One of the greatest perks of homeschooling is the innate flexibility– one can do school from virtually any kind of home, and it seems we’ve pretty much tried them all. Despite the occasional changes of scenery, homeschooling together as a family remains a Read More →

Quality time is my primary love language, so for Mother’s Day last weekend Husband whisked us merfolk off to the seashore for an adventurous family field trip. Incredibly, it was our first time to the coast since moving back to the Pacific Northwest a month and a half ago– save for the Puget Sound in Seattle on Husband’s birthday. Exploring Read More →

This week’s What to Read Wednesday is highlighting children’s books from another geographical region of our incredible planet… Africa! As of press time, I’ve only visited three of the fifty-four countries that make up the great continent of Africa. Even my modest sampling (Burkina-Faso, Mali, & Morocco) forever emblazoned my heart– the cultures, varied and vibrant, are far richer than preconceived stereotypes. Read More →

Blogging through the alphabet with Hopkins Homeschool & A Net in Time… this week we’re on the letter R. Our family’s just embarked upon a greeeeeat big, hands-on unit-study in our homeschool. Plainly, we closed on the purchase of a lovely 1972 rancher and are beginning an ambitious list of renovations to make it our new home. R Read More →

I see London, I see France… I jest! This week’s installment of What to Read Wednesday is focused squarely on France— perfect timing as their presidential election has been center stage in world news; London will have to wait. I’ve not yet been to France, but I have one French-obsessed daughter/pupil. Center Sister is verily enamored with all things French, stemming from a Read More →

I’m blogging through the alphabet with Hopkins Homeschool and A Net in Time. This week we’re on the letter P… In our homeschool, P is for Parks, Pets, and Play. Parks— Now more than ever (we’re temporarily holed up in a cramped urban apartment while awaiting closing on our new house) we rely on the Read More →