I love all books, but well-worn vintage books? They’re my favorite. I have quite the collection, I just can’t quit them… The history, the heft in my hands, displacement of air, they leave an invisible indent in their wake, inky print a flag in the ground stating silently, assuredly, “I was here.” I love brittle, yellow pages Read More →

The B-I-B-L-E, yes that’s the book for me… last week’s What to Read Wednesday topic was religion, so I figured I’d share a smattering of our favorite faith-based books with y’all– because it’s no secret that we love Jesus up in here! The Prince’s Poison Cup // Small Gifts in God’s Hand // I Believe in Read More →

My extended family recently met up for a traditional Chinese feast to celebrate a birthday. The birthday girl loves Chinese food, and we’re lucky to live near an exceptional Chinese establishment. I love any chance to celebrate Little Man’s birth culture, and we always say he gives us “street cred” at such venues. Kwan’s is a Read More →

Two years ago, as part of her birthday gift from her dorky parents, Firstborn ran the Save the Manatee Virtual 5k. To clarify, she actually ran, biked, skated, scooted, kayaked, and roller-bladed the race. With the support of friends and family she raised $100 to send to the Save the Manatee Club, of which she’s Read More →

It’s officially been a year since we closed on the purchase of our 1970’s fixer-upper… time flies when you’re swinging a hammer and rolling paint! Before: After: We never set out to be contractors, but location, location, location! when the house next door to my sister/brother-in-law/nieces popped on the market in the middle of our house-hunting, it was Read More →

Mother’s Day’s right around the corner, so naturally we’re featuring books about moms this week on What to Read Wednesday. I’m more of a Molly Weasley than a Caroline Ingalls, m’self. Who are some of your favorite literary moms? IRL I’m surrounded by a bunch of great moms –my mom, step-mom, grandma, Husband’s mother, my sister, girlfriends– Read More →

May’s proving nearly as full a month for our household as April was– in addition to our regular activities we enjoy celebrating whatever simple, minor holidays dot the calendar and incorporating them into our home-education… Beginning, of course, with May Day on the 1st– the single day of the year that I allow the kids to “ding Read More →