In my twelve years as wife to an introverted husband, there is one fundamental truth that I have learned… one of the best gifts I can give my Man is time away from me. I admit it, living with three [loud, extroverted, energetic, high-maintenance] women is not for the faint of heart. And pretty soon there Read More →

Our first-born is turning 8 this month. Eight. No longer a Little Girl… she is, more aptly, a Young Lady. I can readily recall my own eighth year: Tired of stick-on earrings strewn about the house, my parents finally obliged my request for pierced ears. I mastered cursive writing and memorized times tables. My aunt Read More →

I do. I love our neighbors. I don’t believe in luck, but we seriously hit the neighbor jackpot when we moved into our new house in Bozeman. It’s almost “as if” it was providential. (It totally was.) It wasn’t more than 20 minutes after we pulled our moving and mini vans into the driveway last August Read More →

Guess what happened this week: We completed our dossier paperwork. This warrants a moment of silence. ………………….. Thank you for rejoicing with us. Can you hear our sighs of relief? We are still waiting for some paperwork to arrive before we actually send it off, but OUR work is DONE. (Picture me doing the Roger Rabbit Read More →

Our family of four packed up our Sexy Minivan and made a whirlwind pilgrimage back to our home-state of Oregon this weekend, the first time back since relocating to Montana six months ago. It was Spring Break here in Bozeman, so the girls were off of school (and me from work– I strictly work when they’re Read More →

I had a surprise visitor last night. Another sweet Sister from my weekly Adoptive Moms group showed up at my door unexpectedly, bearing good news… and a picture. For those of you who have gone before us in the adoption journey, you know what this means: Referral. We screamed, we cried, I may have jumped, Read More →

What is worth getting out of my warm bed at 2:30 in the morning on a school/work night for? This is. This is one of my sweet Sisters from my treasured weekly Adoptive Moms support group. She has just met her son for the first time. Her husband flew to the Democratic Republic of the Read More →