Yesterday, as I leisurely watched my kiddos splash & play in the local swimming hole- my phone rang. It was our agency. My heart stopped and I held my breath. It had been exactly a week since they had confirmed receipt of our dossier. A friend, who is several steps ahead of us with her Read More →

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: International adoption is crazy expensive. We have a few friends who have quietly, privately funded their adoption solely from their personal savings. More often, however, adoption becomes a true community effort, with family and friends rallying and supporting adoptive families: participating in fundraisers, providing grant reference letters, Read More →

I captured this moment in time today on my phone while on a quick My-Kids-Are-Used-To-Three-Recesses-A-Day stroll through our neighborhood. For the past year or more our beloved wagon has been relegated to backyard toy storage, but this afternoon our exuberant second born decided it was time to dust it off and take it for a Read More →

God waited until the Egyptians were in hot pursuit, nipping at their heels, before slashing the sea in half, revealing an escape route for the Hebrew slaves. God didn’t protect Daniel from the lion’s den, but allowed him to be cast to the ravenous, captive predators and instead supernaturally bound their mouths preventing them from Read More →

One of the coolest things about being a parent is the opportunity to learn from our children. God has used motherhood to teach and refine me a million times over. Like this kid. She’s turning six this week. Already, she teaches me. One of the things I admire most about her is her unbridled zeal Read More →

From outward appearances, it would seem that New Sister [whom we are working hard to bring home from China] is our third daughter. But she’s not… she’s actually our fourth. Our third daughter is already in Heaven. Alexa Rose was born still, on this day in 2008, after a routine obstetrics visit and ultrasound determined Read More →

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of recorded combat. A primal sport, pitting opponents against each other without the support of teammates. The sport is grueling, requiring both physical and mental endurance and entire body strength. Husband is an accomplished wrestler, having trained and competed year-round since the tender age of five, and achieving Read More →