At this stage in the adoption game Alex and I are completing the required parent training hours mandatory for a China adoption. In addition, I’m devouring every book I can get my hands on about “Attachment Parenting”, Orphans, China, and every topic in between. I am SO thankful for the abundance of resources available to Read More →

A question we’ve fielded repeatedly this winter is if we’d be going home to Oregon for Christmas. We prayerfully determined that we would NOT travel for the holidays, nor for the first six months of having moved to our new home. In addition to a thirst for a new adventure and a desire for a Read More →

We are proceeding with our China adoption via the “Waiting Children” program. What this means is that we will be considering children from a list that might have been otherwise overlooked and have been waiting longer for their forever families- most often because they are considered “special needs” by the Chinese government. It’s reported that Read More →

I’m reading the most heart-wrenching book right now, and I’ve endured nearly every chapter twice. First to myself, and then again aloud to Alex- fighting tears along the way. “Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother”, by Xinran (Chinese author, journalist and radio host), is a book that documents haunting true stories of Chinese women who Read More →

Just wanted to share a quick video from an inspiring young gal who moved from America to Uganda and adopted THIRTEEN little girls. If you haven’t read her book yet, you should… “Kisses from Katie” by Katie J. Davis

Please consider being a part of giving an orphan a home by participating in our first fundraiser and ordering a “fu” t-shirt.  In our previous blog post, we shared that the character “fu” featured on our shirt design means “blessing” in Mandarin. Every t-shirt we sell will raise funds for our adoption, as well as Read More →