In my What To Read Wednesday post all about tigers, I mentioned my family pet a baby tiger cub recently… but then it dawned on me I never shared the photos! The West Coast Game Park is a true Oregon treasure, though many locals have never even heard of the wildlife sanctuary that boasts an Read More →

I’ve been waiting all year for this installment of WTRW… We’re a bi-racial, adoptive, globally-minded family aiming to instill pride in our varied heritage. We incorporate traditions, customs, and celebrations from all corners of the earth into our family framework — Chinese culture certainly not the least of them. As proud mom to a handsome Read More →

One year ago today we were still hibernating from the cold Montana winter, still reeling from the loss of my grandmother, and bracing ourselves for the impending loss of Husband’s grandfather. We’d made a total of six trips west to Oregon in 2016 and my sister had three times come east. I was homesick and Read More →

It is good to live in a fertile valley where one can gather wild blackberries from the briar, forage for chestnuts, fill baskets of apples from the orchard, chop down your own Christmas conifer, and pick the perfect Halloween pumpkin straight from the patch. At a providentially-timed break in rain showers, the Muddy Boot Brigade Read More →

I’ve been blogging through the alphabet with several online homeschool chums since Spring. They’re at it all over again this Fall, but that gives me the perfect opportunity to wrap up my own alphabet (we were a tad late to the party) of twenty-six defining virtues of our homeschool. Here’s what I came up with: Read More →

Calling all bushwackers! One needn’t venture abroad in head to toe khaki to experience a real-live safari excursion through herds of exotic animals. At Wildlife Safari in southern Oregon Husband recently piloted our Jeep along a pockmarked dirt road, dust billowing in our wake as on the African savannah. Patrons man their own vehicles through Read More →

Strike up the polka band and dust off your drindle– recent revelry at the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest filled my multi-cultural-loving heart to capacity as the girls and I posed as Rhinelanders for an afternoon… I’d love nothing more than to hop on a jet-plane and travel the world whenever the mood strikes, but in the Read More →