Why do I call Husband my better-half? One example: For HIS birthday, he treated THE REST OF US to a wonderful weekend away. We shirked tradition this Easter and skipped off instead for an urban adventure, to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the birth of my favorite human. It just happened to coincide with Resurrection Sunday this year, and Read More →

We’re going to miss Montana. This move is bittersweet in that while we’re resolute about returning home for this next season of family life, we’ll certainly miss Big Sky Country and many of it’s inhabitants. It’s been a beautiful oasis in which to homeschool, homestead, simplify, adopt, and adventure. The land is where are roots are. The Read More →

This week has been especially fun-filled, what with Saint Patrick’s Day, Pi Day, and Spring Break on the calendar. We’re making an effort to squeeze every last drop of fun from Bozeman before heading westward for our upcoming big move. We will miss homeschooling here. Relocation can be hard on kids in general, but might especially trigger issues unique to adoption. Read More →

I’m blogging through the alphabet with A Net in Time and Hopkins Homeschool. This week we’re on the letter H. In our homeschool, H is for 4-H. A homeschool mom can easily blow the budget signing her kiddos up for all of the wonderful activities that exist these days. It’s a great problem, really. I live in Read More →

In recent weeks, the bulk of our spare time and energy has been squarely focused on the girls’ participation in a local musical production of The Wizard of Oz. Performances now behind us, I’m left reveling at the hard work and tremendous courage that singing solos and memorizing page upon page of lines required of each of them. (Check out the video montage Read More →

In this house we… make believe, dress up, seek adventure, make music, shake our groove thangs, read aloud, love Jesus by loving others, mark the days, celebrate & savor, tinker & create, build forts, stop to smell the roses, dig in the dirt, explore nature, climb trees, play games, and keep it simple. Still, the following is also often true of our household: Read More →

Hark! According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, the year of the rooster commences this Saturday. Not only am I a certifiable crazy chicken lady, I was born in another year of the rooster– maaaany moons ago. We’ll use the occasion as an excuse to partake of Handsome Husband’s intricate and elaborate Asian confections. My own Asian fare tends to be of the Read More →