Genetically my family’s not Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish —nor even Finnish or Icelandic— but today we were honorary Scandinavians. Uffdah! We enjoy learning about and celebrating other cultures, and immersive experiences —such as Junction City’s Scandinavian Festival— broaden our world while placating our wanderlust. Save for Frozen’s Elsa & Anna, IKEA’s swedish meatballs, and our dear friends with Read More →

Back in the 50’s, the Army Corps of Engineers dammed Oregon’s North Santiam River to create a reservoir. The dam still stands tall and proud today, providing Salem’s drinking water supply and generating electricity while protecting the Willamette Valley from seasonal flooding– though arguably the best part of the deal is the recreation it’s created Read More →

Handsome Husband whisked the fam off for a restful, yet adventure-filled couple of days at the Oregon coast to celebrate my recent birthday. We hiked, frolicked in the sand and surf, ate heaps of great seafood, slept in, and I unapologetically binged on my latest novel to the soothing ebb & flow of the faithful Pacific. Even Read More →

We’ve put a bow on our school year, and what a year it’s been! 7th grade, 5th grade, and Kindergarten, respectively.  Field trips, read-alouds, pet-sitting, art classes, youth group, park dates, hot lunch, piano, flute, choir, slime, theatre, soccer, tball, dress-up, gymnastics, journals, verses, history, zoology, math, & library trips– oh my! We homeschooled the girls Read More →

Castles, knights, catapults, and coats of arms– we’ve arrived in the Middle Ages in our chronological history studies for homeschool. Aiming to flesh out the kids’ curriculum with a practical, hands-on approach that transcends the textbooks, I called up a real-estate colleague who’s literally King of his own castle… A vivacious, fun Grandpa who sports Read More →

Two years ago, as part of her birthday gift from her dorky parents, Firstborn ran the Save the Manatee Virtual 5k. To clarify, she actually ran, biked, skated, scooted, kayaked, and roller-bladed the race. With the support of friends and family she raised $100 to send to the Save the Manatee Club, of which she’s Read More →

It’s happened: Handsome & m’self are now officially parents of a teen. Firstborn turned THIRTEEN this week… it seems like just yesterday we were nervously securing her into a fresh-from-the-box carseat to bring her home from the hospital. Since she’s apparently not a teensy infant anymore, and as such not particularly keen on fussy themed parties, she opted instead to celebrate Read More →