This summer we’re delighting in our gorgeous, green home-state of Oregon. After five years away, we relish the familiar splendor through new, appreciative eyes. I shared already about our favorite hike to a hidden mountaintop lake, but here’s another lesser-known blip on our well-worn Oregon map… On a quiet highway that winds from Portland’s urban sprawl, through a sea of towering conifers, Read More →

It’s good to be an Oregonian again. Between ambitious home-improvement projects, swim lessons & drama camp, playdates & birthday parties we’ve been ardently adventuring in our old stomping grounds this summer. I’m dedicating a little space here on the bliggity-blog to a few of our favorite Oregon haunts that we’ve been rediscovering. Tumble Lake is one such favorite. Unknown by most locals, I’ve Read More →

Center Sister turned ten last week. In keeping with family custom, she celebrated with a long-anticipated trip with Daddy to a mystery destination. We call it a Lowry Ten, after our friends who started the same tradition with their kids a year before us. Just like Firstborn’s trip two years ago, Husband & I selected the secret location by giving special consideration Read More →

Continuing along with Hopkins Homeschool & A Net in Time, we are blogging through the alphabet and on the letter V this week. Hasn’t every homeschool family built a model volcano that erupts baking soda and vinegar? I’m pretty sure it’s a requisite rite of passage. Little known fact about me: I love volcanos. It’s a fascination fueled by Read More →

Last week I referenced the classic 1980’s comedy The Burbs, in regards to our Radical Ranch Remodel, but this week I’ve got another timeless Tom Hanks film foremost on my mind: Perhaps it’s the Realtor in me, but I just adore this film– along with the Chevy Chase classic, ‘Funny Farm,’ which details the most over-the-top home-staging-to-sell scheme in the Read More →

I’m blogging through the alphabet with A Net in Time and Hopkins Homeschool. This week we’re on the letter T… in our homeschool T is for Travel. (addt’l alphabet posts: D, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S) “Travel is the enemy of prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness… Broad, wholesome, Read More →

You might have guessed at it, but I’m a fan of folklore, fairy-tales, mythical magical whimsy, and all things imaginative… Unicorns, mermaids, wizards, hobbits, and fairies are fixtures of our home. Accordingly, the girls and I were delighted to introduce Little Man (and my youngest niece) to a real life Enchanted Forest of wonderment this week. A fixture Read More →