All Oregonians are tree-hugging hippies, right? Not entirely. Still… this family loves us some towering conifers, especially after living away from them for five years. Naturally, we were over the moon to recently spend a night sleeping like squirrels 35 ft. above the terra firma in a treehouse Bed & Breakfast rivalling that of the Read More →

Oregon’s is the only state fair I’ve ever attended, but I still suspect it’s the best. Until last week it’d actually been at least seven years since we’d attended the Oregon State Fair, though only five of those were due to residing out of state. It was time to revisit this end-of-summer classic that Husband Read More →

I’m spoiled. Having grown up here in Oregon, it wasn’t until my family moved away for five years that I came to appreciate what a rich oasis it truly is– and why my grandparents flocked here during the 1930’s Dust Bowl with dreams of prosperity as farmers. The thick, insulating blanket of low-lying clouds keeps Read More →

This summer we’re delighting in our gorgeous, green home-state of Oregon. After five years away, we relish the familiar splendor through new, appreciative eyes. I shared already about our favorite hike to a hidden mountaintop lake, but here’s another lesser-known blip on our well-worn Oregon map… On a quiet highway that winds from Portland’s urban sprawl, through a sea of towering conifers, Read More →

It’s good to be an Oregonian again. Between ambitious home-improvement projects, swim lessons & drama camp, playdates & birthday parties we’ve been ardently adventuring in our old stomping grounds this summer. I’m dedicating a little space here on the bliggity-blog to a few of our favorite Oregon haunts that we’ve been rediscovering. Tumble Lake is one such favorite. Unknown by most locals, I’ve Read More →

Center Sister turned ten last week. In keeping with family custom, she celebrated with a long-anticipated trip with Daddy to a mystery destination. We call it a Lowry Ten, after our friends who started the same tradition with their kids a year before us. Just like Firstborn’s trip two years ago, Husband & I selected the secret location by giving special consideration Read More →

Continuing along blogging through the alphabet with homeschoolers online, we’re on the letter V this week. a / b / c / d / e / f / g / h / i / j / k / l / m / n / o / p / q / r / s / t / u / Read More →