I’m sorry, it’s true: I love Halloween. Judge if you must, but I’m not particularly bothered by the unsolicited opinions of others, anymore. I don’t care for the dark, scary, evil stuff, nor the questionable backstory, BUT… I so enjoy dressing up the fam and socializing with neighbors. It’s kind of my jam. We turn costuming into a homeschool project, typically beginning to brainstorm ideas the morning of November Read More →

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens aren’t cutting the mustard, these days. I’m a weary homeschool mom grateful for a God who graciously covers a multitude of sins on the reg. In a similar vein as Ann Voskamp’s counting of blessings, the following’s a practical inventory of what’s saving my life these days: French Cooking Music station on Pandora. We wore the Read More →

It’s time for another throwback… because I’m a sentimental, nostalgic sap. My heart can scarcely take it. 1 year ago: Grindstone: Back to It. “Vacation hangovers, gotta love ’em… said no mom, ever.” 2 years ago: Defending Homeschool, “We all churn butter, braid hair, and sew dresses– right? Frumpy denim jumpers our official uniform? Not in my house.” Read More →

Today’s Thursday, so naturally I’m throwing it back on the bliggity-blog yet again. According to my Timehop app, October’s the month to visit Oregon. Not this October, however; seeing as how we already visited several times over the summer and only just entertained family here. Additionally, the snow has arrived and we’ve begun settling in for the long Read More →

This post is for my strong, capable Bestie who longs to pull her son from traditional school and bring him home to educate. This fierce, crunchy mama is unfazed by the beneficial bacteria prolific in her homemade yogurt, and has bravely birthed three children without medication, yet is petrified by doubt that she’s qualified to educate her own son. I get it! Read More →

“I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.” -Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat It’s no secret that I love autumn, rainstorms, and a cool damp climate. Born and bred in a lush gray-skied valley in Oregon, I find the insulating Read More →

September is inarguably synonymous with back to school– even for homeschoolers who teach/learn year-round. In that spirit, iHomeschool Network is continuing their fun blog hop through the end of the month, most recently highlighting the school rooms of homeschooling families around the country. Unlike (apparently) most home-educating families, we don’t have a dedicated homeschool classroom. We’ve never sought to replicate Read More →