He is risen! Today is Resurrection Sunday… aka Easter. We’re celebrating simply, Old Testament style, with worship and feasting. Holiday decor in our house is generally as simple as a themed package of window clings for the kiddos to paw all over the sliding glass doors… … but the sacrifice of our Savior warrants at least the resurrection-themed Read More →

Not that kind of holiday, though a girl can dream. In lieu of an extended tour of the Emerald Isle, my family will settle for a simple St. Patrick’s Day, stateside. Though a humble, minor holiday, it remains one of my faves to celebrate because: Bagpipes make me weep. Red hair and freckles are the dynamic Read More →

I never set out to be a real homeschooler. That is, not a “lifer“. It took four years to muster the courage to homeschool for a season, for a reason. That reason: Little Man. With hope of fostering true attachment after adopting him from China, we pulled our girls from traditional school to bond as a family of Read More →

A home-school day in the life with an almost 11, 8, and 31/2 year old…in conjunction with Simple Homeschool’s homeschooling blog-hop, I’m sharing what our days generally look like in this particular season. Perhaps when you read HOMESCHOOL you envision butter-churning, hair-braiding, stifled and awkward denim jumper-clad robot children who rarely leave the house, instead spending their days Read More →

My kombucha grew fuzzy green mold instead of “beneficial bacteria.” Center Sister lost her favorite mermaid charm amongst the prolific deer poop in the backyard. Husband put in extra long, stressful hours at the office, and once again we opted for church via Vimeo in our jammies. Though I laundered an unholy amount of bedding due to a flu scare and serial Read More →

Though inarguably extroverted, I can squander hours and shirk human interaction like a veritable hermit whilst under the influence of a good book. I’m a bookworm. Accordingly, I aim to impart my book-worming ways upon my impressionable offspring. Despite my natural bent, however; a mere third of said offspring share my gluttonous appetite for the written word. [Thus Read More →

Center Sister, our resident Calendar Girl, counts down to each and every holiday. We always try to incorporate some education into the festivities. The girls dipped a near bushel of strawberries in chocolate for their 4-H bake sale, since I’m not a baker. Forgoing a babysitter, Handsome Husband treated the entire fam to a Valentine’s Read More →