We were all grateful to enjoy a wee break over the Christmas holiday before starting school afresh in the new year. We’re back to the homeschool grind today, hopeful for success with our modified schedule  for the new year.

In my mind, the greatest perks of home-education are the flexibility and freedom. I’m the boss of this here homeschool! And in the spirit of the new year, we are invoking those claims with a mid-school-year adjustment… Frankly, we’ve been so busy driving “to town” three days a week to activities that we lack the free, unscripted time Read More →

I know, I know– you’re all,“Not another thing! We want a simple holiday– no more things!”  I get it. Our Christmas used to be crazy-busy, too. (…and then we moved a thousand miles away from extended family.) But, if your family is like mine, with the compatible combo of socially ravenous home-school kids, a window of time for a quick Read More →

Just hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling, ring ting ting-a-ling too, C’mon it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you. Today I fell in love with Montana all over again, on a 4-H field trip with my girls. So technically it wasn’t a sleigh ride, but a wagon ride– due to insufficient snow*. (*sentence Read More →

Scores of deer move in from the back forty to lurk around our neighborhood in the darkness, each night. Operating covert tactical missions, they silently snoop from the shadows, brazenly peering into windows while we lie unconscious in our beds. It’s creepy, really… reminiscent of an M. Night Shyamalan film, evidence of their stalking plain in Read More →

Yesterday I busted the girls literally fighting over Halloween candy… … so I levied a hefty “mommy tax“, confiscating the remaining Snickers and Milky Ways for use in a Thanksgiving dessert. (see recipe below) We also pillaged their stash for use as candy organelles on their edible cell model– the girls have started on a new Anatomy Read More →

Our kiddos had a pretty rockin’ Halloween this year: Harvest Night at Awanas Wednesday… an enormous Halloweeny package in the mail from Auntie on Thursday… after-school trick-or-treating down Main Street on Friday… and pumpkin patch, carving, and trick-or-treating with Daddy (I stay home and pass out candy) on the 31st. Sorting and graphing their spoils, Tootsie Rolls Read More →