This week’s official WTRW theme is all about owls, but seeing as how Christmas is right around the corner I decided to be a maverick and go rouge on that topic, instead… … ’cause I just can’t contain the merriment, y’all! Putting a scholastic spin on our festivities, we followed the Swedish custom of honoring Read More →

This week’s WTRW theme is all about Royalty. While I enjoy binging episodes of The Crown or The Tudors as much as the next anglophile, and I’m certainly happy for newly betrothed Prince Harry, the preferred royal in our house is France’s 18th century ill-fated queen bee of decadence, Marie Antoinette. Center Sister has an Read More →

Advent: from the Latin “adventus” (arrival); from “advenire”, ad (to) +venire (come) Ooooooh tannenbaum… I’ve got a December bucket-list a mile long. Husband keeps gently  reminding me we needn’t exhaust every holly-jolly activity our first winter back in Oregon, but I’m not known for restraint. Tree trimmin’: We tromped out into the Oregon rain and Read More →

The rest of the WTRW crew is sharing titles on the topic of manners this week, but seeing as how today’s Saint Nicholas Day I figured they’d forgive my deviation… I’m poised with our favorite Saint Nicholas books at the ready in order to celebrate right proper like.    The kids set their boots out Read More →

Forgive me for being tardy with this week’s WTRW edition, but my current read (a gripping new science-fiction stolen from Husband’s stack) has me in it’s grips and actively shirking all other responsibilities. Call me a nerd, but when I really think about it, the bulk of my favorite titles fall under the umbrella of Read More →

Friends near and far are forever asking for recommendations when planning a visit to foodie-mecca Portlandia… strong coffee, craft beer, gourmet donuts, robust wine, and food-trucks– there are almost too many terrific treats! I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, my all-time favorite restaurant just so happens to sit squarely in downtown Portland: Read More →

This week’s What to Read Wednesday is a bit of a cornucopia. Alongside Pilgrims, Native Americans, Turkeys, and the Mayflower, I’m including a formal review of Jess Ronne’s poignant memoir, Sonlight Burning at Midnight. Friends, I devoured this book in two hefty (tear-stained) helpings. The author is so vulnerably honest and raw that you can’t Read More →