We’ve put a bow on our school year, and what a year it’s been! 7th grade, 5th grade, and Kindergarten, respectively.  Field trips, read-alouds, pet-sitting, art classes, youth group, park dates, hot lunch, piano, flute, choir, slime, theatre, soccer, tball, dress-up, gymnastics, journals, verses, history, zoology, math, & library trips– oh my! We homeschooled the girls Read More →

This week’s What to Read Wednesday’s all about Dad-Life– but seeing as how today’s also our resident mermaid’s eleventh birthday, imma make this brief. (BRB w/party pics, obvi) Everyone knows I’m Crazy about my man (<– capitol C), but my ardor for him has grown since he’s become a Dad. As a Dad to our brood he’s Read More →

Castles, knights, catapults, and coats of arms– we’ve arrived in the Middle Ages in our chronological history studies for homeschool. Aiming to flesh out the kids’ curriculum with a practical, hands-on approach that transcends the textbooks, I called up a real-estate colleague who’s literally King of his own castle… A vivacious, fun Grandpa who sports Read More →

June’s always a bit bananas in our household– with birthdays, graduations, our anniversary, Father’s Day, and end-of-the-year school celebrations… this first week in has been no exception. Plus, with our foray into all things Medieval, this week’s library checkout was as follows: Every day’s an all you can eat Middle Ages buffet. Thus, we’re still a couple Read More →

Firstborn seems to have received a generous helping of dramatic flair at birth; she’s a natural thespian, an undying lover of the theatre arts. She’s learning that being a true champion of theatre means applauding each facet of the production– not every player gets the spotlight, every time. Onstage and behind the scenes, each role is vital Read More →

I love all books, but well-worn vintage books? They’re my favorite. I have quite the collection, I just can’t quit them… The history, the heft in my hands, displacement of air, they leave an invisible indent in their wake, inky print a flag in the ground stating silently, assuredly, “I was here.” I love brittle, yellow pages Read More →

The B-I-B-L-E, yes that’s the book for me… last week’s What to Read Wednesday topic was religion, so I figured I’d share a smattering of our favorite faith-based books with y’all– because it’s no secret that we love Jesus up in here! The Prince’s Poison Cup // Small Gifts in God’s Hand // I Believe in Read More →