Because I’m woefully tardy, I’m going to go ahead and combine this week and last week’s What to Read Wednesday installments. Fortunately for me, they go together like peas and carrots… The respective themes are artists and Mexico— don’t forget Cinco de Mayo is this Friday! What better way to share about BOTH than by studying one of Read More →

I’m blogging through the alphabet with Hopkins Homeschool & A Net in Time… this week we’re on the letter O. In our homeschool, O is for the great Outdoors. Obviously.  There’s nothing like fresh air and time in nature to keep our heads clear (and ripe for learning) and attitudes in check. Though we recently traded our Read More →

I’m blogging through the homeschool alphabet with Hopkins Homeschool & A Net in Time. This week we’re on the letter N, so when I stumbled upon this article on the “10 Signs You’ve Found the Holy Grail of Neighbors” it resonated deeply and revealed that, in our homeschool, N is clearly for Neighbors! I can’t imagine Jesus stuttering when He issued the command to Love Read More →

Who doesn’t love butterflies? Ethereal, delicate creatures more fairy than insect? Yes please. I’m still heartbroken that the local butterfly atrium closed to the public five years ago… ’twas wonderful to visit when the girls were tiny and obsessed with all things sparkly and lovely, but now that we’re homeschooling it’d be terrific to visit Read More →

Pardon my tardiness with this week’s bookish installment of What to Read Wednesday, we’ve been quite preoccupied with house-stuff this week (as I mentioned here). This week’s theme was babies, though the bulk of the baby-centric books in our home library are well-worn copies of the making & keeping of variety– nonfiction for would-be parents. Still, Read More →

Blogging Through the Alphabet with Hopkins Homeschool & A Net in Time: We’re still sifting through a sea of boxes and unearthing homeschool supplies after our recent big move. We’re also adjusting to a more urban (read: small) living arrangement while learning to share space with a telecommuting-from-home Husband who thrives vocationally in peace & quiet. To help us explore and cope we made a list of local Read More →

Easter’s right around the corner, y’all! Each year I share our family’s favorite book about Easter– or as we prefer to call it, Resurrection Sunday. Jesus’ sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection are the cornerstones of our Christian faith, and our Easter festivities tend to reflect that. I mean, I dig bunnies, eggs, and candy as much as the next gal– but come Easter we celebrate simply, with Read More →