To quote the incomparable Freddie Mercury, the show must go on. In our house this, of course, means homeschool and regular activities. With a full week in the new house under our belts, we have decided that driving “into town” is a royal pain. We’ve done a bit of shuffling to consolidate our time away from home. For instance, this Tuesday we had a jam-packed day: Field Read More →

Instead, I will share a few million recent pics of random happenings from our neck of the woods. This Little Stinker’s latest new thing: responding with a drawn-out “whhhhhhyyyyyyy” after everything we say. Like, with a fermata on it. It’s actually adorable. Weather has been amazing, so we’ve spent time outdoors with the neighbors whom we are taking with us Read More →

I’m kind of ashamed to admit it, but the kids and I are just now getting into the Little House book series. I’d long forgotten the quaint charm of the Ingalls family; we unanimously adore them. The kids received the entire collection in the mail, this Christmas, and we just wrapped up the first installment. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait Read More →

I am delighted to be a participant in an online celebration, of sorts… a unique online event created by Mia Wenjen (Pragmatic Mom) and Valarie Budayr (Jump Into a Book/Audrey Press). Imagine this book-worm’s delight to find a shiny, new, colorful copy of a book about Chinese-American culture in my mailbox, recently, free of charge. Say what?! Though I confess Read More →

A great, big, nasty tummy bug descended upon our household during the wee hours, last night, and ransacked the place. I don’t know about you, but when our precious toddler is for once sleeping soundly, the LAST thing I want to be found doing is stripping beds, starting laundry, bathing children, and combing regurgitated dinner from their hair. Fun Read More →

Could it be? Did we arrive? Have we unceremoniously transitioned to the season of shuttling kids around nonstop? These days we follow an unrelenting schedule of loading and unloading the minivan, buckling and unbuckling carseats. Grabbing the keys, matching the shoes, and locating sunglasses. (I simply CANNOT drive without them.) Between PE & computers classes, piano & flute lessons, basketball practice & games, and Read More →

Youngest daughter is identifying as a mermaid these days. And we just let her. Whatever. In truth, I kind of love it. You’re only a kid once, right? I want her them to “stay this little“. How does Taylor Swift know about the bittersweet angst of parenthood, anyhow? They grow up SO FAST. I want their childhoods to be Read More →