A good many of our homeschool lessons around here are formal, taught… but an even greater number are simply caught. Here is a bit of what the kids are learning, currently.

Sometimes, a depleted stay-at-home momma needs to hit pause, and scroll through recent photos of her children being their adorable selves,  in order to recollect how truly precious they are. As if observing an impressionist painting, take a few steps back to recognize the beauty in the haphazard masterpiece. Say, for instance, after yet another exhausting night of night terrors. Eight of them in nine hours? Sure. And Read More →

When I was a senior in high school, I regularly sported a tshirt that read “I <3 Alex.” I picked it up at a Mariner’s game, during the era when A-Rod [Alex Rodriguez] played for Seattle. I wore the shirt until it literally fell apart, much to the chagrin of my then-boyfriend (now husband), Alex. Truth be told, Read More →

Today’s super-honest post is brought to you by the letters P (for Peppermint Mocha), C (carseat), D (drive-thru), U (unshowered), B (braless), M (melatonin, my new BFF), and the number 2. (As in, “Mommy has had two coffees today.”) It’s official: The kids are trying to kill me. Jesus come down. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we are heading Read More →

I just have to share some more of what uber-talented Valerie captured of my precious offspring. Because, Swoony McSwoonerson.    

I had numerous misconceptions and misgivings going into home-education, reservations which rendered me too terrified to make the leap years before we finally did. And as is also true of any new undertaking, one can rarely really know what it’s like until they actually jump in… or know someone who will pass along insider information. Accordingly, I’d love to clear up a Read More →