We were blessed to take a wee homeschool field trip with some visiting Montana friends recently, zipping north to rendezvous in bustling Portland where we discovered a hidden oasis amid the skyscrapers and food trucks. The Lan Su Chinese Garden is an echo of the lushly appointed parks tucked away within seemingly every city in China. Read More →

Happy What to Read Wednesday! This week we’re talking about Mythology. When we studied ancient Greece for homeschool history we took an epic side journey into mythology, and lingered there for an what seemed like a golden era– during which time we partook of both fictional and historical literature with the gluttony of Dionysus himself.   Rick Riordan‘s the Read More →

Surest Signals of Springtime– Crocus cups and croaking frogs; daffodils, tulips, and cherry blossoms. Babbling brooks, bunnies, and a bevy of birds; creeping caterpillars and clumsy calves. Conflict of compulsions to copiously clean or marinate amid moss and mud.

It’s that time of year again, when nearly every American enthusiastically claims some fraction of Irish lineage. I’ve always believed myself to be of mostly Scottish (by way of Canada) and German descent, but sure as a shamrock this very week my aunt shared some genealogy papers clearly proving my grandmother’s grandmother’s grandfather hailed from Ireland, circa Read More →

This week’s official WTRW theme is monsters, but that’s not really our jam, and since we’ve no shortage of books in both our currently reading and to be read stacks, I’ll simply update with what we’re enjoying presently– lest the public library hunt me down, recover their property, and strip me of borrowing privileges. Aloud: Still presently Read More →

Warning! File this under the label: Topics Devoid of Even the Slightest Semblance of Eternal Significance, and brace your haughty eyes. I love the Oscars. With mere minutes until the ceremony begins, I thought I’d record my ‘pinions on this year’s award nominees. One of my besties likens it to her Super Bowl, and I couldn’t Read More →

As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve just returned from a little trek down the freeway to sunny California. Good golly, five persons in a Jeep for two thousand stinkin’ miles is no laughing matter. Despite the sass, stench, and squabbles on the road, we were grateful for an uproariously good time, connecting with Read More →