An adoptive-mom-friend reached out to me this week, expressing her frustration and despair from an extended family that is largely unsupportive of her family’s impending adoption. She had picked up on statements I’ve made on the blog (here and here) indicating that we have similar haters criticism in the periphery of our lives, and was seeking Read More →

If there’s one thing that has been ingrained in me from an active eleven year real estate career– it’s disclosure. We Realtors impress it upon our clients ad nauseam: Disclose, disclose, disclose. Got a fogged vinyl window? Disclose it. Roof leaked once ten years ago before you patched it? Disclose it. Suspect your siding is of the Louisiana Read More →

Yesterday we received an update and new photos of our Little Guy from his orphanage in China. Did you notice his cute little jumper? Did you read what it says? Presumably, his caretakers who dressed him have no clue what it reads. (Much like us Americans who sport Chinese/Japanese characters without any idea of their Read More →

Happy New Year! 2013 has been an exciting one, but we are eagerly looking ahead to what 2014 will hold– most notably, bringing home Little Brother! The following is a glance back at our year in blog posts, we are grateful for what the Lord has done:  January – By the first of last year Read More →

What’s a family of Montanans to do when it’s too icy to go sledding with your new Christmas sleds, too warm to go ice skating with your new skates, and too snowy to put up your new trampoline from Grandpa & Grandma? Impromptu Christmas road trip! That’s just what we did. After a tranquil day Read More →

I’m picking up where we left off with our family service projects that we completed as part of our advent countdown for the Season of Giving: 31 Days of Spreading Joy blog-hop. Here is how our girls have continued to spread cheer for the days leading up to Christmas: Dec. 10th – Deliver cat/dog treats Read More →