Just wanted to share a quick video from an inspiring young gal who moved from America to Uganda and adopted THIRTEEN little girls. If you haven’t read her book yet, you should… “Kisses from Katie” by Katie J. Davis

Please consider being a part of giving an orphan a home by participating in our first fundraiser and ordering a “fu” t-shirt.  In our previous blog post, we shared that the character “fu” featured on our shirt design means “blessing” in Mandarin. Every t-shirt we sell will raise funds for our adoption, as well as Read More →

This is the graphic that we have designed for a t-shirt fundraiser for our adoption. The silhouette is of China, where we hope to adopt from. The symbol is a Mandarin character, “fu”, that translates into English as “blessing”. This character was shared with me (Mia) by a new friend in my weekly bible study who travels Read More →

I never expected to be a mom of girls. For some reason (probably because I suspected it’d be easier) I always pictured myself as a mother to boys. Imagine my surprise when we gave birth to three girls out of three pregnancies. I’m grateful that God knows best. Raising girls today is a tremendous responsibility and undertaking, I Read More →

Dear Family and Friends, I wanted to announce happy news that Mia and I have officially begun the process of adopting a child through an international adoption agency.  After a few months of research and prayer, we have selected the agency: Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI).  They are focused primarily on China and are the Read More →