Six years and six thousand miles ago our son was born. At that same time, in Oregon, Husband had just accepted a new job and was poised to relocate our small family of four to Montana. Taking a break from packing, we hosted an impromptu playdate with Firstborn’s sweet pal from school– a cleft-affected girl who Read More →

Handsome Husband whisked the fam off for a restful, yet adventure-filled couple of days at the Oregon coast to celebrate my recent birthday. We hiked, frolicked in the sand and surf, ate heaps of great seafood, slept in, and I unapologetically binged on my latest novel to the soothing ebb & flow of the faithful Pacific. Even Read More →

Smack in the middle of June busyness, on the last day of school, Center Sister turned eleven. Her current jam: Being a mermaid, making slime, watching silly YouTube videos, working on her splits, stretching, and contortionism; the mall, Starbucks, the library, Musically, gymnastics, and jumping on her trampoline. She opted to celebrate with friends and family Read More →

We’ve put a bow on our school year, and what a year it’s been! 7th grade, 5th grade, and Kindergarten, respectively.  Field trips, read-alouds, pet-sitting, art classes, youth group, park dates, hot lunch, piano, flute, choir, slime, theatre, soccer, tball, dress-up, gymnastics, journals, verses, history, zoology, math, & library trips– oh my! We homeschooled the girls Read More →

I love all books, but well-worn vintage books? They’re my favorite. I have quite the collection, I just can’t quit them… The history, the heft in my hands, displacement of air, they leave an invisible indent in their wake, inky print a flag in the ground stating silently, assuredly, “I was here.” I love brittle, yellow pages Read More →

Two years ago, as part of her birthday gift from her dorky parents, Firstborn ran the Save the Manatee Virtual 5k. To clarify, she actually ran, biked, skated, scooted, kayaked, and roller-bladed the race. With the support of friends and family she raised $100 to send to the Save the Manatee Club, of which she’s Read More →

This silly meme is going viral in homeschooling circles: Frankly, I don’t get it… I love my village. And who doesn’t love The Village People?!* Last week alone we had two birthdays, a choir concert, two tball games, and a theatre production in addition our regularly scheduled programming… and our village RALLIED. I couldn’t believe how many Read More →