Have y’all caught wind of the Small Living movement that appears to be gaining counter-cultural momentum? I am constantly inspired/challenged by articles such as this one, this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, especially this one, and even this crazy one. I’m borderline obsessed. When my family relocated to Bozeman two years Read More →

In no particular order: Weekends. Saturday, Sunday. Husband home. Nothing on the calendar. Hot coffee with freshly whipped cream. (It has been precisely twelve days since my last Starbucks… don’t I get a key-chain, or something?) Small town parades. Horses and marching bands. Meandering bike rides. Drive-in movie theaters. Fixing a salad in the backyard. A Read More →

Living in Montana- where nine months of the year everything is tucked in snug under a thick blanket of snow– we make the most of our summers. Summer is a much anticipated season to relish, and we are blessed to have so many opportunities for adventure within a twenty minute radius of our suburban home. Even if we don’t Read More →

I’ve found my happy place, my tranquil reprieve from the stress and sterility of medical offices. It’s a 1970’s folk-rock playing, back porch swingin’ kind of place. An oasis of glistening aspens; of earthen, piney aroma, where entire families of quail scurry underfoot and hummingbirds dart just overhead. Husband’s parents have settled in the mountains of Central Oregon, Read More →

Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time. To live on a farm, live off the land. Raise animals, grow vegetables and cook from scratch. Have a whole mess of kids and let them run wild. I suppose I don’t really need a time-machine to do those things– to varying degrees my family is already doing them in Read More →

Oh Vitamix, how I adore and covet thee. Truly, you are sovereign over all other kitchen appliances. I have a serious case of blender envy. All the cool kids have a Vitamix blender. Even Handsome Husband’s Grandpapa has one. Would it be terribly inappropriate for me to ask him to will it to me? Too forward? Read More →

Our first-born’s birthday isn’t until mid-April, but once we return from China it will be right around the corner. Since I’m an admitted Over-The-Top-Birthday-Party-Planner, I figured it was time to officially get my party ducks in a row. We’ve had a theme in mind for her for over a year: our typical extravaganza of a Read More →