Our firstborn always said “Ganks!”, instead of thanks. We never corrected her, and instead incorporated her version into our everyday jargon. I suspect we’ll still be using it when she is 32, much to her chagrin. Both of our daughters have always been quick to give thanks. I would say it comes naturally to them– Read More →

Our son is in an orphanage; in a metal crib, with one blanket, scooted against cold, monochrome tiles, tucked beside a furnace. Yet I’m thankful. I’m thankful for technology– that I was able to connect with another adoptive mother from our agency, who is currently in country picking up her Chinese son from the same Read More →

It’s no secret that I’m a gluttonous, voracious reader. I’m currently devouring five books and always have a rotating queue never less than ten titles long. So many books, so little time. One day I hope to have a den/library with at least one entire wall dedicated to books/bookshelves. In my current season of life, however, I Read More →

I love living in Montana. Aptly dubbed, “Big Sky Country”, the 180′ expanse of striking blue sky is clear and bright nearly every day of the year, regardless of the temperature. With our notorious wide-open-spaces, sparser, squattier tree line, and minimal sprinkling of puffy clouds that dot the far reaches of the atmosphere, the sky Read More →

Our youngest awoke early this morning with the stomach flu. And a good morning to you, too, Germs! Isn’t there a rule that homeschooling families are exempt from communicable disease? Last year, our first in public school, in a new state with new bugs, we seemed to catch every bug that Montana had to offer. I digress… As Read More →

Photo cred: Valerie Hibler Photography. Though we live 14 hours apart, she’ll always be our family photographer.  Consider yourself lucky if you live in Oregon.  I have a sibling-set of cousins, exactly my age, whom I have always looked forward to connecting with at family reunions. Their mother gave birth to the first, and less Read More →

I vividly recall the fist time I read my favorite passage of scripture… In the back seat of Husband’s Jeep Grand Cherokee, squeezed next to our four month old firstborn, and yakking it up with my sister on a lose-your-mind-road-trip from Salem, Oregon to the tippity-top of Vancouver Island, British Colombia. It was an annual Read More →