Back in the 50’s, the Army Corps of Engineers dammed Oregon’s North Santiam River to create a reservoir. The dam still stands tall and proud today, providing Salem’s drinking water supply and generating electricity while protecting the Willamette Valley from seasonal flooding– though arguably the best part of the deal is the recreation it’s created Read More →

Hello Muddah, hello Faddah… We’re dropping the ball as bookworms this week because Firstborn’s away at summer camp. Sob! It’s a big deal for all of us– her first time overnight. I’m confident she’s having a blast, enjoying her independence and quality time with a bestie, but it’s still hard for a mama to have a chick so Read More →

Six years and six thousand miles ago our son was born. At that same time, in Oregon, Husband had just accepted a new job and was poised to relocate our small family of four to Montana. Taking a break from packing, we hosted an impromptu playdate with Firstborn’s sweet pal from school– a cleft-affected girl who Read More →

This is not inaccurate. Still, the library’s best when you want to “try before you buy.” As homeschoolers, we’re frequent flyers of our local library year-round, but it remains on our regular summer rotation for more than merely literary pursuits– an ideal hangout, with piles of free resources, fun summer programs, performances, classes, friends we bump Read More →

Learnin’ needn’t cease entirely simply because of the tilt & rotation of the earth ’round the sun. I find it easier to keep some educational momentum going with our homeschool studies by following an abbreviated schedule during summer months: Heavy reading, light math, loads of field trips and hands-on backyard science projects, regular library trips, sneaky writing (pen-pal correspondence, Read More →

The Kindergarten graduates recently had another themed “book club” party, after procuring identical copies of Happy Pig Day at the library. Willing to do ‘most anything to keep them reading during the summer, we simply added piggy-themed treats and an easy craft to make it special. The rest of us are also actively racking up reading Read More →

For this week’s installment of What to Read Wednesday, and in conjunction with online pals, I’m reviewing a recent addition to our home library from our favorite modern historians who publish the most compelling, concise, & affordable biographies on the market…  My Learning Table’s Who Was? What Was? Where Is? Blog Series runs from July to September– and is a terrific Read More →