Spring rains have ceased and the sun has been luminous all week. We’ve been swamped with birthdays, theatre productions, choir concerts, and tball; yet we’ve managed to find time to squeeze in reading for pleasure. TBH, as resident chauffeur to the aforementioned activities my own reading life is thriving– gone are the guilt-laden days of sneaking page Read More →

It’s happened: Handsome & m’self are now officially parents of a teen. Firstborn turned THIRTEEN this week… it seems like just yesterday we were nervously securing her into a fresh-from-the-box carseat to bring her home from the hospital. Since she’s apparently not a teensy infant anymore, and as such not particularly keen on fussy themed parties, she opted instead to celebrate Read More →

Handsome Husband turned a year older this week. The kids and I were delighted to celebrate the guy who keeps all the plates of this family spinning, who quells the crazy with his calm, and who generously loves us with seemingly unending acts of service. Generally not one for fanfare or frivolity, honoring his special day simply Read More →

Earth Day falls on a busy week again this year: We’re celebrating Husband’s and Firstborn’s birthdays, have a choir concert & drama production (plus dress rehearsals), plus two t-ball games on the calendar– in addition to our regularly scheduled programming. Still, teaching the kiddos to be good stewards of God’s creation is essential, and all it Read More →

The topic of this week’s WTRW is supposed to be ladybugs; but little known fact: I’m afraid of ladybugs. I mean, not when they’re merely bumbling about the garden helpfully ridding veggies of aphids– I buy them by the hundreds each year for just that purpose. Specifically, I’m Coccinellidaephobic (It’s a thing.) when OUT OF NOWHERE THEY Read More →

Earlier this week the girls and I joined some favorite friends on a fun and informative tour of our state capitol as a homeschool field trip. Our guide explained the history and purposes of the impressive marble building, from the state senate to the legislative house, the ornate murals to the gold man atop the Read More →

Pluviophile: Any organism that thrives in conditions of heavy rainfall. One who loves rain; a rain-lover.  Surprise, surprise… this Oregonian loves rain. And what pairs better with a romantic, gray day than a mug of hot coffee and a good book against the soothing, rhythmic white-noise of rainfall? Nothing, that’s what. Rain is to reading as peanut Read More →