I’m blogging through the alphabet with fellow homeschoolers online. This week we’re on the letter I… The secret to our (relative) sanity during a typical homeschool day is music… namely sedate, instrumental music. Pretty sure the single best piece of equipment we’ve purchased for our homeschool is the wireless speaker that Husband hooked up to my kitchen iPad to pump soothing Read More →

This week has been especially fun-filled, what with Saint Patrick’s Day, Pi Day, and Spring Break on the calendar. We’re making an effort to squeeze every last drop of fun from Bozeman before heading westward for our upcoming big move. We will miss homeschooling here. Relocation can be hard on kids in general, but might especially trigger issues unique to adoption. Read More →

This week’s What to Read Wednesday collab is geared around horses. I confess that thus far the only horse-centric book I’ve read aloud to the kiddos is Black Beauty– a terribly depressing tale that in my estimation only Debbie Downer would enjoy. One might recall my girls learn all about horses at 4-H, because I have so little personal Read More →

How’s the move going, you ask? I’m not really ready to talk about it, actually. Allow me instead to answer you in a series of memes… Ghosts of Relocations Past (related links): Preparing Little Man for a Big Move, Little Man Cave, New Nest, Settling In, Moving Day, Room With a View, Back to the Grind

We’re on the 10th installment of Lemony Snicket’s thirteen woeful chronicles of Violet, Klaus, & Sunny Beaudelaire… and though the luck of the siblings indeed often seems dismal at best, we are still rooting for them and enjoying the literary journey regardless. As when we devoured the Harry Potter series last year, the girls are a book ahead reading independently while I also read aloud Read More →

Well color this bookworm green, rainbow, & gold, because I couldn’t be more excited about this week’s What to Read Wednesday theme: Saint Patrick’s Day! None in our household are more than perhaps the tiniest fraction Irish, but come March 17th every year we pretend to be… after all, Saint Patrick wasn’t genetically Irish, either! Besides, I’m aiming to Read More →

I’m blogging through the alphabet with A Net in Time and Hopkins Homeschool. This week we’re on the letter H. In our homeschool, H is for 4-H. A homeschool mom can easily blow the budget signing her kiddos up for all of the wonderful activities that exist these days. It’s a great problem, really. I live in Read More →