We started planning for Halloween months ago. Our first back in Oregon, we knew we’d be coordinating a group theme with the cousins and spend it with our entire extended family. Since we are unabashed bookworms —and for us the holiday’s more about candy, colorful costumes, and neighbors than any of the spooky stuff— we Read More →

Fret not, Last-Minute Loo’s: Dress-up is my jam and our costume bin overfloweth. The following’s a non-exhaustive, off-the-cuff list of creative costumes that can easily be pulled together from most wardrobes. Librarian: tight bun, big spectacles, drab stuffy blazer, vest or cardi with monochromatic turtleneck sweater, wool skirt, books & ruler Cowboy/girl/rancher: think denim (overalls Read More →

This week’s What to Read Wednesday theme is hobbies. My favorite hobby? Reading! (obvi) Besides, I’m also blogging through the alphabet with online pal Hopkins Homeschool, and this week we’re on the letter B… a / b / c / d / e / f / g / h / i / j / k / l Read More →

It is good to live in a fertile valley where one can gather wild blackberries from the briar, forage for chestnuts, fill baskets of apples from the orchard, chop down your own Christmas conifer, and pick the perfect Halloween pumpkin straight from the patch. At a providentially-timed break in rain showers, the Muddy Boot Brigade Read More →

The best things in life are free… at least when it comes to fall décor. Each autumn I seek out the nearest chestnut tree fixin’ to add fallish charm to my home or porch, pro gratis. Seed pods drop to the ground heavy with treasure that one square stomp unearths. Shiny chestnuts emerge to gather Read More →

This week’s What to Read Wednesday is all about seasons. I’m fickle when it comes to weather… a fan of changing seasons, grateful to live in a valley that so stunningly showcases them all. From our blustery Winters in fifty shades of gray and evergreen, to our vibrant, verdant blossom-filled Springs; hot haying Summers a Read More →

I’ve been blogging through the alphabet with several online homeschool chums since Spring. They’re at it all over again this Fall, but that gives me the perfect opportunity to wrap up my own alphabet (we were a tad late to the party) of twenty-six defining virtues of our homeschool. Here’s what I came up with: Read More →