Exciting news: We found a house! With the home inspection* behind us, Husband and I have informed the kids and are proceeding to close. I won’t lie, I’m relieved our time in a cramped urban apartment will be short-lived– as are the poor souls living below us. Before I say more, allow me to back up a bit and wax nostalgic, in order Read More →

Blogging Through the Alphabet with Hopkins Homeschool & A Net in Time: We’re still sifting through a sea of boxes and unearthing homeschool supplies after our recent big move. We’re also adjusting to a more urban (read: small) living arrangement while learning to share space with a telecommuting-from-home Husband who thrives vocationally in peace & quiet. To help us explore and cope we made a list of local Read More →

Easter’s right around the corner, y’all! Each year I share our family’s favorite book about Easter– or as we prefer to call it, Resurrection Sunday. Jesus’ sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection are the cornerstones of our Christian faith, and our Easter festivities tend to reflect that. I mean, I dig bunnies, eggs, and candy as much as the next gal– but come Easter we celebrate simply, with Read More →

What do these four L-words have in common? They’re hallmarks of our homeschool. I’m blogging through the alphabet with my online pals at Hopkins Homeschool and A Net in time, and this week we’re on the letter ‘L’. In our homeschool, L is for… Libraries: Our personal home library is sadly still in boxes, but we’ve already explored our Read More →

We’re going to miss Montana. This move is bittersweet in that while we’re resolute about returning home for this next season of family life, we’ll certainly miss Big Sky Country and many of it’s inhabitants. It’s been a beautiful oasis in which to homeschool, homestead, simplify, adopt, and adventure. The land is where are roots are. The Read More →

This week’s installment of What to Read Wednesday will be regretfully brief as I am presently adrift in a sea of cardboard, actively boxing all our earthly possessions for our upcoming move. Our theme is books about books, or libraries; and I couldn’t help but think of our pal Klaus Beaudelaire… Bibliophile, bookworm, researcher, etymologist– Klaus is Read More →

I’m still blogging through the alphabet with A Net in Time and Hopkins Homeschool. This week we are on the letter K… Growing up, when my family would pile onto our oversized sectional to enjoy a movie I almost always opted to sit solo on the hardwood floor… there I’d spread out my belongings and whilst passively watching the film I’d Read More →