The bulk of our collective mental bandwidth of late has been preoccupied with our impending move back to the Pacific Northwest. The appraisal and inspection have been completed, and we’re starting to box up our belongings in preparation for an April Fools’ Day moving day. (poetic) A precious Montana pal commissioned this lovely custom canvas of our family from Worth the Wait Read More →

This week’s What to Read Wednesday theme seems providentially inspired and aligned as my selection of zoo-themed lit is “If I Ran the Zoo”, by the incomparable Dr. Seuss. We must have fifty Dr. Seuss books in our home library, but tragically not this classic– never fear, the public library’s here! This tale’s chock-full of Seuss’ signature whimsical other-worldly Read More →

G is for (Mardi) Gras! Gras is French for “fat” & Mardi =”Tuesday” Growing up in Oregon, I never heard much about Mardi Gras apart from the notorious debauchery associated with the MTV (per)version. I’ve never even been to Louisiana! But with Center Sister still keen on all things French, and sufficient time in our schedule, we decided to read up on the roots of Read More →

The Oscars are tonight, the Oscars are tonight! I don’t even care how trivial it truly is, I love me some Academy Awards. Actually, we just love movies, in general. The girls and I are counting down to the remake of Beauty and the Beast starring our favorite muggle-born heroine, Emma Watson. Husband recently took Little Man to see Read More →

I’m super stoked to be joining four lovely like-minded ladies in hosting a weekly book-wormy blog party: What To Read Wednesday. Homeschooling mamas aiming to encourage young readers while simultaneously expanding our libraries one book recommendation at a time– like a modern Reading Rainbow! take a look, it’s in a book… This week, my first with the gals, we’re Read More →

Spring Break came early in the White house, this year, when Nana flew in for an impromptu visit. Homeschooling perk #792: We shelved our studies (save for reading & writing– nana only missed one 6th grade spelling word on test day) and instead partook of a brief staycation. She came for one last stay before we move back Read More →

In recent weeks, the bulk of our spare time and energy has been squarely focused on the girls’ participation in a local musical production of The Wizard of Oz. Performances now behind us, I’m left reveling at the hard work and tremendous courage that singing solos and memorizing page upon page of lines required of each of them. (Check out the video montage Read More →