I’m just going to come right out and say it: Math is not my favorite. I’m a bookworm, more inclined towards language than arithmetic. Nevertheless, I’ve bred with a veritable calculator– our offspring are innately mathematically inclined and I’d prefer not to squash their inherent gifting. (This is why I no longer teach our eldest Read More →

This summer we’re delighting in our gorgeous, green home-state of Oregon. After five years away, we relish the familiar splendor through new, appreciative eyes. I shared already about our favorite hike to a hidden mountaintop lake, but here’s another lesser-known blip on our well-worn Oregon map… On a quiet highway that winds from Portland’s urban sprawl, through a sea of towering conifers, Read More →

This week’s What to Read Wednesday theme is kindness. The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, KINDNESS… Upon racking my brain I could think of no better title for teaching the value of kindness than the first book I truly loved -the first book that broke my heart- Charlotte’s Web. Fern’s love for Read More →

It’s good to be an Oregonian again. Between ambitious home-improvement projects, swim lessons & drama camp, playdates & birthday parties we’ve been ardently adventuring in our old stomping grounds this summer. I’m dedicating a little space here on the bliggity-blog to a few of our favorite Oregon haunts that we’ve been rediscovering. Tumble Lake is one such favorite. Unknown by most locals, I’ve Read More →

Word on the street is that yoga pants are the new denim jumper, but I did just happen to buy a darling denim dress from Old Navy clearance last week… OHMYGOSHWHATISHAPPENING This week’s What to Read Wednesday is dedicated to the weary homeschool moms who make the learnin’ happen todo los dias, without praise or thanks. Comrades, I salute you. We’re gearing Read More →

All the world’s a stage, and all the men & women merely players… Perhaps it comes as no surprise that my offspring tends to have an innate flair for drama? Our girls spent the last two weeks at a local theater camp, hosted by Husband’s alma mater. I think it’s safe to say that between their spring performance Read More →

I’m fired. Stella just can’t seem to get her groove back, y’all. What with our ongoing house renovations, shuttling the girls to and fro drama camp, Little Man’s fifth birthday, cousin camp errday, and jumping back into the real-estate biz during the busy season… I’ve been pretty preoccupied. Anyway, without further ado, please check out my online pals’ rockin’ Read More →