Tonight we had our first post-placement (after adoption) visit with our social worker– which means that we have officially been a family of five for a month! And did you catch that? That’s right– even after your child is safely home you, are still not free from official scrutiny/judgement in the form of Homestudy visits. It’s different Read More →

Well, the inevitable has happened: I messed up. I’ve read all the books (Yes, ALL the books; I love The Books.) but today I made a rookie adoptive mom mistake. It wasn’t out of anger, I was calm and calculated. When my sweet new son was repeatedly willfully defiant, culminating with the hurling of his spoon and Read More →

Though Little Brother is rapidly (remarkably!) picking up English, we have found it helpful to have a few important Mandarin words and phrases in our back pockets, to assist in communicating with him.   The following list is our Chinese vocabulary, in it’s (pathetic) entirety: Bu (“boo”) – no Bu Hao (“boo how”) – not Read More →

Being home in Montana as a family of five, officially “post adoption,” has left me in a peaceful state of palpable relief. There’s a sense of calm I have now that I just haven’t had for the entire year and a half that we were actively working, fighting, to bring home our son. (Even before Read More →

Little Brother continues to amaze us all, daily. He has made leaps and bounds- and had some minor setbacks- since arriving home in Montana. This is all very normal and to be expected. Little Brother’s attachment to me continues to grow stronger, which is wonderful, but- despite bonding quickly in China- he has started to Read More →

Cocooning Survival Tactic #1: Sometimes, while cocooning, a Mama can go a wee bit stir-crazy. If you sense cabin fever creeping in, here’s what you do: Strap the kiddos into their carseats, divvy up the snacks, and drive around in circles. Bonus points for hitting the Starbuck’s drive-thru and/or enduring Angelina Ballerina on repeat in the Read More →

Handsome Hubs headed back to work this morning, leaving me solo with our three precious offspring for the first time. You can go ahead and send me my official Mom Of Three badge now, since I am pleased to report that we all survived. It helps that we all got a good night of sleep, Read More →