Little Man is acclimating to our culture with apparent ease, continuing to achieve several “firsts” each day. He no longer rejects all but scalding hot bottles, like those he was accustomed to in the orphanage. In China, he barely consumed any liquid during his first 48 hours with us– until we finally realized that due to Read More →

… the Lord God made them all. Yesterday we ventured into the wilderness, where we lumbered along the rocky banks of a still partially frozen lake and took turns hurling rocks onto the ice. Simple pleasures. Epic day.

Today marks six weeks that we have been home, together, as a family of five– though it feels like much longer. Not in a “Been-on-hold-with-the-pediatrician’s-office-for-ten-minutes-awaiting-lab-results-on-a-bacterial-culture-but-it-feels-like-much-longer.” kind of way. More like a “Hey-I-just-met-you-and-this-is-crazy…”, kind of way. By the way, the former scenario alluded to above? Not fictitious. The latest ailment assailing our household is yet another infection on poor Read More →

Well, we finally did it. We left Little Man with a sitter. Don’t get excited, it was a far cry from the romantic getaway that we’ve fantasized about… We spent it in the local Emergency Room. Yesterday I awoke with acute abdominal pain that intensified as the day wore on. Husband rushed home from work when I Read More →

Surgery is officially on the books for Little Man. You’ll recall he was born in China with a cleft lip that was repaired there when he was just four months old, and a cleft palate that remains yet unrepaired. Putting it plainly, having an open palate means he has no roof to his mouth. When Read More →

I think it’s safe to say that the honeymoon is officially over. Though not in a bad way… For our girls, the novelty of their newly adopted, long awaited perfectly precious cherubim brother has worn off. He’s now just a run-of-the-mill, plain ol’ little brother. He gets into- and sometimes destroys– their belongings. He throws Read More →

Lest you believe our home-life to be a constant stream of rainbows and lollipops, I thought I would clear some things up today… Mother’s day had me up before 6am cleaning human waste off of our floors while the offender in question simultaneously vomited on my head. Just another day in paradise. I have personally been Read More →