The older wiser I get, the more I realize that I married well. Not only is my husband a total stud, and doting father, but there were some supplementary perks to joining forces with him, as well. For one, I know I will never long for the latest and greatest in technology. The tech industry Read More →

For the first time since we’ve been a family of five, I left Little Man’s side today. Though it required my peeling him off like Velcro, it was harder for me than it was for him. It was all for a good cause– celebrating our first-born’s ninth birthday with her two dearest friends (and Best Friend Sister) Read More →

Tonight we had our first post-placement (after adoption) visit with our social worker– which means that we have officially been a family of five for a month! And did you catch that? That’s right– even after your child is safely home you, are still not free from official scrutiny/judgement in the form of Homestudy visits. It’s different Read More →

Well, the inevitable has happened: I messed up. I’ve read all the books (Yes, ALL the books; I love The Books.) but today I made a rookie adoptive mom mistake. It wasn’t out of anger, I was calm and calculated. When my sweet new son was repeatedly willfully defiant, culminating with the hurling of his spoon and Read More →

Though Little Brother is rapidly (remarkably!) picking up English, we have found it helpful to have a few important Mandarin words and phrases in our back pockets, to assist in communicating with him.   The following list is our Chinese vocabulary, in it’s (pathetic) entirety: Bu (“boo”) – no Bu Hao (“boo how”) – not Read More →

Being home in Montana as a family of five, officially “post adoption,” has left me in a peaceful state of palpable relief. There’s a sense of calm I have now that I just haven’t had for the entire year and a half that we were actively working, fighting, to bring home our son. (Even before Read More →

Little Brother continues to amaze us all, daily. He has made leaps and bounds- and had some minor setbacks- since arriving home in Montana. This is all very normal and to be expected. Little Brother’s attachment to me continues to grow stronger, which is wonderful, but- despite bonding quickly in China- he has started to Read More →