Alternatively entitled: “Literary Distractions For The Duration Of Our Wait” and/or “Books I’ll Surely Neglect After Bringing Home Our Toddler”. I’ve always been a  book-worm. Pretty sure it all started with The Baby-Sitter’s Club… I accumulated every single book in the series as a tween. (Though we weren’t called Tweens at the close of the Read More →

In June 2001, as our long-awaited nuptials drew near, I stressed about the dumbest stuff. The strapless bridesmaid dress that wouldn’t zip, the harpist that lacked punctuality (yet possessed ample attitude), delegating the precious task of pining corsages on grandmothers to the nearest helper and neglecting to take photographs with them. Dumb. I’ll just go ahead and Read More →

When we arrive back in Montana with Little Man in tow, any and all are welcome to greet us at the airport before we retreat into our Cocoon for an unspecified period of time.  Though we will have had almost three weeks of bonding as a family of five under our belt from our time Read More →

Last week I gave up coffee. Well, caffeine. And deodorant. Which leads to my profession of new-found love for essential oils. A couple adoptive-mamas gifted me with a Doterra set at my recent baby shower for Little Brother, which I had secretly been coveting but didn’t want to spend the money on. (See: Funding An Adoption.) I knew my pseudo-Hippie lifestyle Read More →

Gung hai fat choy!  Last night we rang in the Chinese [Lunar] New Year with friends and a traditional Chinese feast. I intended to snap a photo of the bountiful spread just before we dove in, but we were having too much fun and I didn’t want to be that hostess. (i.e., Myself. These are Read More →

I admit it, I didn’t get it. In 2008, when Smarty-Pants Husband uploaded our Disneyland pics onto a self-hosted web-log to share with family/friends, I audibly scoffed at him. Why did we need a personal website?! We weren’t selling anything! He explained that we could continue to post photos there and journal online, but I Read More →

I was showered by my friends today. I couldn’t resist saying that. My Bozeman Besties all convened for a delightful baby shower in celebration of the arrival of our long-awaited Little Brother. the lovely hosts, the No Book Book Club Hailing from a family whose older generation strongly advocates a one-shower-per-mother policy, regardless of how many Read More →