Though I married a gamer, I naively thought  I was off the hook when I birthed him daughters. I should have known better. Our girls love to play video games. Although I certainly don’t understand the allure, I have always maintained that I’d much rather my children engage in interactive video games where they can Read More →

I used to drive the freeway every day. In much of Oregon, freeway driving is simply a way of life. My daughter’s school was a twenty minute drive southbound on I5, and I made that trek twice daily. If was going shopping, I’d always find the nearest freeway on-ramp to expedite the journey. Being a Read More →

I love my adoptive mom’s support group, I really do. And I’m over-the-moon excited to be so close to bringing Little Brother home, I really am. But I am also acutely aware of the several families in my support group who should have brought their kiddos home before me. Families who are stuck at the Read More →

Xin nian kuai le! Chinese New Year falls on Friday, January 31st this year. We are having some new friends over for dinner to celebrate and will serve them some of our favorite Chinese entrees. These are tried and true recipes that are staples in our culinary repertoire. (see recipes below) Moo Goo Gai Pan Read More →

When it comes to adoption, Tom Petty said it best: “The waaaaaaaiting is the hardest part.”  Preach it, Tommy. First, it’s the waiting for approval to adopt. Then, the wait for a referral [child match]. Later, you wait (staring at a photograph) to travel. Many adoptive parents ask the question, “What should I do to Read More →

The updates we have received on Little Brother since our referral have been surprisingly informative; unusually so, according to my adoptive-mom-friends. Maybe it’s a China thing? Most of my closest friends have adopted (or are adopting) from African nations, and every country differs greatly as far as their adoption process, in general. From who qualifies to Read More →

An adoptive-mom-friend reached out to me this week, expressing her frustration and despair from an extended family that is largely unsupportive of her family’s impending adoption. She had picked up on statements I’ve made on the blog (here and here) indicating that we have similar haters criticism in the periphery of our lives, and was seeking Read More →