Er means “two” in Mandarin. Or so my children tell me. Two days until Departure Day. I might throw up. If one more person mentions the missing plane from Malaysia, I will for sure. That reminds me… In the event of our untimely demise (wherein we are confident in our eternal destination, by the grace Read More →

I just cleaned my bathtub. Twice. It was gross. Pretty sure we had botulism growing in there– had I been smarter, I would have long ago harvested that stuff and completely funded our adoption with all natural, home-spun Botox injections. Hashtag, hindsight. I’ve inflated the state of things a bit. It wasn’t that gross. I’m Read More →

This morning we received the astounding news that we were awarded yet another adoption grant! We are immensely grateful to the fine folks at A Child Waits Foundation for blessing our family with a generous contribution towards our remaining in-country adoption costs. A thoughtful friend popped by with a willing ear, wise advice, and an Read More →

9 more days. We are counting down with bated breath. His bed is made, car seat installed. I’m beginning to deep clean every surface of our house and freeze meals in preparation for our return with New Brother. Every time I make dinner, I prepare a double batch and freeze half– just like I did Read More →

Dear friends, who are in many ways our family here in Montana, had their first Homestudy visit yesterday. In fielding their anxious preparatory questions beforehand, and celebrating with them on the phone afterwards, I kind of relived our own Homestudy experience from a year ago. A Homestudy is a comprehensive report compiled by a local, Read More →

Oh Vitamix, how I adore and covet thee. Truly, you are sovereign over all other kitchen appliances. I have a serious case of blender envy. All the cool kids have a Vitamix blender. Even Handsome Husband’s Grandpapa has one. Would it be terribly inappropriate for me to ask him to will it to me? Too forward? Read More →

Forgive my brevity, but I just finished applying for four international visas and my brain is absolute mush. Our flights are booked, we’re headed to China! March 26th. 16 days… not that I’m counting, or anything. After a quick puddle-jump to Seattle, we board our 12 hour international flight to Beijing. Please pray for our Read More →