From outward appearances, it would seem that New Sister [whom we are working hard to bring home from China] is our third daughter. But she’s not… she’s actually our fourth. Our third daughter is already in Heaven. Alexa Rose was born still, on this day in 2008, after a routine obstetrics visit and ultrasound determined Read More →

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of recorded combat. A primal sport, pitting opponents against each other without the support of teammates. The sport is grueling, requiring both physical and mental endurance and entire body strength. Husband is an accomplished wrestler, having trained and competed year-round since the tender age of five, and achieving Read More →

I have several friends currently expecting- both the “old fashioned” way and the adoption way. And let me tell you: Nesting is a very real phenomenon. When we were expecting our first baby, I manically scoured our house… the scrubbing of the tile led to the detailing of the baseboards, which led to running the Read More →

This was the Dyula [joo-lah] word I heard more often than any other during the month I spent in Burkina-Faso, West Africa in 2011. On the women’s service trip that I participated in, serving widows and teaching them a trade by which to provide for themselves and thereby avoid falling into prostitution, my biggest take Read More →

Around this time each year I find myself especially nostalgic, particularly missing my beloved Great Grandma Schafer. Whether peeling a fresh pear, smiling at the colorful array of fruity Crush soda at the grocery store, or discovering a flower in my garden bed that “came up volunteer“… she’s with me. For generations, my paternal family birthed their children young, Read More →

Legacy of an Adopted Child (author unknown) Once there were two women Who never knew each other. One you only remember, The other you call Mother. Two different lives Shaped to make yours one: One became your guiding star, The other became your sun. The first gave you life And the second taught you to Read More →

In my twelve years as wife to an introverted husband, there is one fundamental truth that I have learned… one of the best gifts I can give my Man is time away from me. I admit it, living with three [loud, extroverted, energetic, high-maintenance] women is not for the faint of heart. And pretty soon there Read More →