Adoption is expensive. Crazy expensive. The high cost is actually pretty frustrating when you consider it has surely deterred many a willing family from pursuing adoption in the past. In truth, children without homes is more than frustrating– it’s heartbreaking. There are countless expenses that multiply on top of each other, especially in an international Read More →

Where have we been? Where are we at? We are buried in paperwork. For realsies. We just completed 12 painstaking pages [each] of autobiographical questionnaire detailing nearly every waking thought/experience we’ve had from conception until present. Then notarized it. We arranged for guardianship of our {THREE!} children in the event of our untimely demise. Notarized. We sent Read More →

I’m learning a whole new vocabulary in my weekly adoption group, coupled with all of the independent reading I’ve been doing lately. One new term I hear tossed around frequently is “trauma-versary”.  As in, Trauma Anniversary. These are a sobering reality for many adoptees, since adoption, by nature, is always a result of grief and Read More →

We might just be obsessed with all things China these days… Panda bear apparel. Chop stick dinners. Hot tea in my AUTHENTIC insulated glass commuter cup that a friend brought back for me after her travels there last summer. Noodle and rice bowls. Mandarin etymology. Books, books & more books: memoirs from Chinese authors, from Americans Read More →

Our girls hail from a long line of sisters. My paternal grandmother grew up as the oldest of three sisters. My maternal grandmother is the second of four sisters. My mother-in-law is the oldest of two sisters. My mother is the oldest of two sisters. I am the oldest of three sisters. (I grew up Read More →

The next big step in our adoption is our home study. Going into this process I had some laughable misconceptions about what the home study process actually entailed. Perhaps it’s the Realtor in me, but I envisioned showing the house- giving a room by room tour, sporting a snappy outfit,  perhaps offering a color flyer Read More →

At this stage in the adoption game Alex and I are completing the required parent training hours mandatory for a China adoption. In addition, I’m devouring every book I can get my hands on about “Attachment Parenting”, Orphans, China, and every topic in between. I am SO thankful for the abundance of resources available to Read More →