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Learnin’ needn’t cease entirely simply because of the tilt & rotation of the earth ’round the sun. I find it easier to keep some educational momentum going with our homeschool studies by following an abbreviated schedule during summer months: Heavy reading, light math, loads of field trips and hands-on backyard science projects, regular library trips, sneaky writing (pen-pal correspondence, thank-you notes, & journaling), and plenty of fresh air & rigorous activity in nature…

Hatching sea monkeys–

Willamette Valley Pie Co. tour–

Babysitting Certification Class–

Independence Day, wherein these stinkers memorized the Preamble to the Contstitution–


administering liver drops to this 18 yr old feline

nearly put this broody gal’s clutch in the fridge!

added alpacas to their pet-sitting resume

her own bunny, Flopsi

playing guinea pig sounds for our guinea pig

summer kitties

Theatre auction dinner & musical performance–

Morning gratitude journals & memory verses–

Visual Aids–

Zoo Day–

Tillamook Cheese Factory tour–

Portland Asian Market–

Light manual labor–

That one day we had goats–

organic weed control

Center Sister attended a Broadway play with pals–

Mao (“cat” in mandarin) getting nails done & then retaliating by locking us out of the house–

caps to curtail furniture destruction

Save the Manatee Club recognition–

Field trip to local koi farmer–

Backyard lesson on solar energy–

observing how colors absorb the suns rays, as evidenced by melting rates of ice cubes

making sun tea

7 Eleven Slurpee Day–

Parky Parks–


trying a shot of wheatgrass

church carnival

Incredibles II


Gosh, I love summer.

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