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In the margins of our summer adventuring and backyard science lessons, we’re actively logging reading hours to redeem at our local library. Does your library host a Summer Reading Program? 

library parade

big Little Man riding the library elevator solo

library concert

post-library drives are always the most peaceful

In the same vein as their recent Charlie & Lola Day, the almost-first-graders enjoyed a simple Harold & the Purple Crayon activity…

click pic for link

moose & porcupine enjoying some pie [rice krispie treats]

We watched Wonder again, this time outdoors with our church congregation– we heartily recommend the book for all ages.

learning about new zealand, the maori, & kiwi birds

mentos & diet coke ftw

geology: gemstone excavation

backyard pudding slime

Et pour moi:

Kevin Kwan, I can’t quit you. Presently on book 3 of his best-selling trilogy and (as with the prior two installments) can scarcely put it down. super stoked for the movie in August. (click pic for link)

to the delight of my inner 90’s Lisa Frank sticker collecting perennial pen pal, the PO is now selling scratch & sniff stamps!

The Best Books for Kids

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Our favorite books for kids


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