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Zoology 101

I’m blogging through the alphabet with A Net in Time & Hopkins Homeschool… this week we’ve made it to the letter Z! Obviously in our house Z is for Zoology. a /

Mermaiding in Oahu

Center Sister turned ten last week. In keeping with family custom, she celebrated with a long-anticipated trip with Daddy to a mystery destination. We call it a Lowry Ten, after our friends who started the

Movin’ On Up

This will be brief as we’re in the throes of unpacking, reeling from yet another loss in the family, and since today also happens to be a special mermaid’s tenth birthday… By God’s

Home Sweet Money Pit

Last week I referenced the classic 1980’s comedy The Burbs, in regards to our Radical Ranch Remodel, but this week I’ve got another timeless Tom Hanks film foremost on my mind: Perhaps

Enchanted Forest

You might have guessed at it, but I’m a fan of folklore, fairy-tales, mythical magical whimsy, and all things imaginative… Unicorns, mermaids, wizards, hobbits, and fairies are fixtures of our home. Accordingly,

J is for Journaling

Blogging through the alphabet with fellow homeschoolers online has become a wonderfully introspective exercise that’s helped identify my mission & aim in educating my kiddos here at home. This week we’re on

Westward Ho!

How’s the move going, you ask? I’m not really ready to talk about it, actually. Allow me instead to answer you in a series of memes… Ghosts of Relocations Past (related

Lovelies Lately

The bulk of our collective mental bandwidth of late has been preoccupied with our impending move back to the Pacific Northwest. The appraisal and inspection have been completed, and we’re starting to box

2017 Oscar Picks

The Oscars are tonight, the Oscars are tonight! I don’t even care how trivial it truly is, I love me some Academy Awards. Actually, we just love movies, in general. The girls and

Nana Montana

Spring Break came early in the White house, this year, when Nana flew in for an impromptu visit. Homeschooling perk #792: We shelved our studies (save for reading & writing– nana only

Be Mine

We had a wonderfully simple and homespun Saint Valentine’s Day celebration this year. The kiddos sent out fun, right-brained Valentines to a few of their pen-pals, and received some back in return. My mom