This was the Dyula [joo-lah] word I heard more often than any other during the month I spent in Burkina-Faso, West Africa in 2011. On the women’s service trip that I participated in, serving widows and teaching them a trade by which to provide for themselves and thereby avoid falling into prostitution, my biggest take Read More →

In my twelve years as wife to an introverted husband, there is one fundamental truth that I have learned… one of the best gifts I can give my Man is time away from me. I admit it, living with three [loud, extroverted, energetic, high-maintenance] women is not for the faint of heart. And pretty soon there Read More →

Our family of four packed up our Sexy Minivan and made a whirlwind pilgrimage back to our home-state of Oregon this weekend, the first time back since relocating to Montana six months ago. It was Spring Break here in Bozeman, so the girls were off of school (and me from work– I strictly work when they’re Read More →

We might just be obsessed with all things China these days… Panda bear apparel. Chop stick dinners. Hot tea in my AUTHENTIC insulated glass commuter cup that a friend brought back for me after her travels there last summer. Noodle and rice bowls. Mandarin etymology. Books, books & more books: memoirs from Chinese authors, from Americans Read More →