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  • Senioritis


    Firstborn graduated high school this past June and I’m still in a stupor over it all. The whole year was punctuated with loads of lasts and many firsts, with special senior moments and major college prep. This past weekend we dropped her off at her university dorm and I’m just blinking back tears, shaking my…

  • Year of the Bunny Rabbit (Chinese New Year)

    Year of the Bunny Rabbit (Chinese New Year)

    Xin Nian Kuai Le! Lunar New Year came early this year, so on the heels of the Christmas holidays we opted to keep our celebration super simple. I figured decor would be a snap with Easter right around the corner (bunnies everywhere!), but sadly that falls late on the calendar this year and bunnies were…

  • Bookly


    The kids returned to school, and their accompanying flurry of frenzied activities, and so on top of selling houses and pestering Hubs while he attempts honest work from his home office, this fall I’ve spent many hours catching up on my reading– anything to avoid working out or cleaning, snort! The following are some recent…

  • Twenty Years a Realtor

    Twenty Years a Realtor



    Twenty years ago I stumbled into the real estate business… a year prior, in 2001, Husband and I were lawfully wed in June, my folks purchased a new home shortly after, and terrorists attacked our country in the fall. Having burnt out on college, I was waiting tables dreaming about one day buying a house…

  • Summery Summary

    Summery Summary

    Summer sped by in a blur of baseball, beach trips, and barbeque… Firstborn spent another season working hard & playing hard, juggling full-time hours at the local amusement park with her bustling social life. We’re reluctantly getting acclimated to seeing her less; now that she’s officially a senior we feel the clock ticking more than…

  • The Last Frontier

    The Last Frontier

    For our family’s summer vacation this year we cruised north to the “last frontier” of the US, to tick a new state off our list: Alaska! This year we were blessed to be joined by my folks for our adventuring. We all piled into Firstborn’s car (she has the only vehicle with third-row extra seating)…

  • The Royal Wedding

    The Royal Wedding

    After a year-long engagement followed by a two-year hiatus, Baby Sister fiiiiiinally had her dream wedding… she and her saintly hubby made it legal two summers ago but had to delay their grand celebration due to the pandemic. It’s almost surreal that it’s behind us, but it was a joyous party worth waiting for. We…

  • Pep Rally

    Pep Rally

    Well, that’s a wrap on the school year for our Junior, Freshman, and 4th-grader. I’m exceedingly proud of each for stepping into a new school model with nary a hiccup– affirmation that it really was the correct decision for them for this year (however despondent it rendered their reluctantly retired homeschool mom). They obtained high…

  • Love & Genetics (and a smattering of addt’l recent reads)

    Love & Genetics (and a smattering of addt’l recent reads)

    I was recently gifted a copy of an incredible dual memoir and new release, Love & Genetics. Once finally unearthed from my seemingly bottomless to-be-read stack, I devoured it in mere days. I found the joint authors’ journey captivating and long-lingering; their story struck & stuck with me in a way I find rare for…