25 Reasons Why I Know She Can Homeschool

This post is for my strong, capable Bestie who longs to pull her son from traditional school and bring him home to educate. This fierce, crunchy mama is unfazed by the beneficial bacteria prolific in her homemade yogurt, and has bravely birthed three children without medication, yet is petrified by doubt that she’s qualified to educate her own son.

I get it! I was so similarly terrified of making the initial leap, certain it would mean the very demise of my kids’ gray matter, that it cost us three years of learning together at home. (I will say that during those years we were blessed by outstanding private and public-school educators.)

Now, I’m not so bold as to make the blanket prescriptive statement that she or anyone else SHOULD homeschool, but to simply affirm that should she want to— she absolutely, unequivocally, 100% COULD.

Here are 20 reasons why I know this to be fact:

  1. She taught him to walk.
  2. She taught him to talk.
  3. She taught him how to feed himself.
  4. She potty-trained him.
  5. She taught him manners.
  6. She taught him not to hit.
  7. She taught him to share with his sister.
  8. She taught him to brush his teeth.
  9. She taught him to dress himself.
  10. She taught him to clean up after himself.
  11. She taught him his colors.
  12. She taught him to identify animals and corresponding sounds.
  13. She taught him letters and phonics.
  14. She taught him to count.
  15. She taught him to follow instructions.
  16. She taught him to ask good questions.
  17. She taught him how to whistle.
  18. She taught him to skip.
  19. She taught him how to snap his fingers.
  20. She taught him to blow a bubble with gum.
  21. She taught him how to tie his shoes.
  22. She taught him to ride a bike.
  23. She taught him to stand up for himself.
  24. She taught him to be truthful.
  25. She taught him how to learn.


You get it. There are millions more. She can do this.

No one on this planet knows your child better than you. You already teach him every single day.

(throwbacks of my girls each learning to whistle)

I’m not exhorting her to wing it, nor to reinvent the wheel. We live in a blessed time where there’s a abundance of quality homeschooling resources available (Especially where she lives!) and freedom to curate a tailor-made education for each of our children.


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