Adoptive Family Camp

Hula skirts, horses, ziplines, and square dancing. Old friends, new friends, and packs of wild children running like wolves over the mountainside.

Our family of four- soon to be five- just returned from a blessed escape to an enriching retreat, tailored to families that have adopted- or are currently in process. Far from cell phone range (and Starbucks), we settled into our rustic cabin for four days and three nights of fresh air, no dishes, and regular meals that materialized without my lifting a finger. I may have had the misfortune of partially falling into an unlidded porta-potty in the dark, but I am still reflecting with fondness and gratitude over our peaceful time away.

Encompass Orphan Care, a local Bozeman ministry, put on the camp and recruited me to plan/execute the theme nights. I was fearful that I had bitten off more than I could chew, coming off of back-to-back visitors we’d hosted for most of our summer weeks. (It seems we’re running a regular Bed & Breakfast in our modest Montana home this summer- thankful for so many loved ones willing to make the long trek to commune with us in our cozy quarters.) But honestly: Party planning?! Could I GET a better gig? (<—Chandler Bing voice) The evenings were effortless and joyful, and I was able to unwind and partake of the abundant blessings before me. I’m thankful for how far God has brought me from the overzealous hostess who regularly assigned seating and would scarcely permit guests to step foot in my kitchen unless securely tethered to a barstool. (Truth.) Lest anyone believe me to still be that uptight, please note the blacked out tooth in the adjacent photo collage.

Did I mention I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Jen Hatmaker, and her equally inspiring husband?! I confess I was starstruck and swung from the “Oh, is that Jen? No biggie. I’ll just give her space and play it cool.” side of the pendulum to the “It’s my BFF!! I know all of your children’s names!” {into a microphone before the entire populous} extreme.

I’m so thankful for the abundant resources available to adoptive families these days. With the support of friends who have gone before us, the wide spectrum of books/articles at our fingertips, and edifying getaways structured specifically for families like ours- we are truly not alone. “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come for you.” John 14:18


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