Birthday Buddies



Beginning 17 years ago when our first baby was due on his birthdate, Handsome Husband has graciously shared his birthday. Firstborn arrived late, but they’ll forever be birthday buddies. This year, for the first time in his life, he also shared it with Jesus! Easter [Resurrection Sunday] fell square on his day.

Husband’s love language is Acts of Service, he’s seldom one for the spotlight, pomp, or circumstance… traditionally he spends the weekend of his birthday each year painstakingly tabulating and filing our taxes. (This year he also added Fistborn’s taxes to the docket.) To celebrate forty-two my man opted to share his birthday with our Firstborn and our extended family, hosting a simple Traeger Exhibition. Each guy brought his Greatest Hit as a meaty contribution; we had two cakes and two pinatas, a full bar, and an array of simple back-up salads.

She’ll celebrate again with friends this weekend, and he’ll zip off for a quick mancation with his longtime buds, but it was fun to share their special day together, with our family.