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Influenza struck our home this week, so we’ve sidelined our regularly scheduled activities and the bulk of our schoolwork for Netflix & blankies, Gatorade, Jamba Juice, Riccolas, chicken noodle soup, rest & relaxation. Being sick is the pits. Thus far we’ve missed the following engagements: Science & writing co-op, Bible study, speech therapy, youth group, dance class, a CPR class, choir practice, and theatre rehearsal.

Still, we’ve had plenty of time to read, so I figured I’d share some recentlies.

I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up years ago, but the new Netflix show recently sparked new joy. (snort!) Still, sorry Marie, you can have my dresser drawers but keep your manicured mitts off my home library…

If you missed my full (glowing!) review of Julie Bogart’s magnum opus, The Brave Learner, be sure to check it out as it’s got to be tops so far for me for 2019.


Steve Martin’s memoir, Born Standing Up, is just as light-hearted, humble, warm, intelligent, and fun as you’d hope it to be.

My step-mom lent me this remarkable new memoir, Educated; an incredible story of resilience from a gifted first-time writer. It sucked me right in.

I’m reading In His Image slowly, one chapter a week, alongside a couple of my very favorite gals. It’s really a great Christian devotional.

Garfield and I both enjoyed Tina Turner’s latest memoir. She’s an icon for good reason, and I’m glad she continues to tell her Love Story. *Echo, play Tina Turner on Spotify.*

I was drawn to this book about The Finnish Way because folks in Finland are known masters of education and child-rearing. This is more a broad portrait of Finland culture in general, but still fascinating.

I’m eager to share what the kids and I have been reading aloud together, but it warrants a more thorough explanation… stay tuned.


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