Christmas Traditions – Birthday Cake & Cards



True, Christmas is over; but I just had to share two more of our treasured traditions with you all to wrap things up. (<—See what I did there?)

Unlike the jammies, ornaments, and gingerbread houses that dot my memory of Christmases Past, I didn’t grow up with either of these traditions.  Somewhere along the line I picked these up, from persons exceedingly more creative and  clever than myself.

Christmas is the day that we celebrate Jesus’ humble birth, His incarnation. God in a bod. And what is the centerpiece of any birthday?

Cake. amiright?

Logically, my family has birthday cake for Jesus, each year.

complete with a candle, to drive home the reason we celebrate

Sometimes the sheer volume of festivities threaten to distract us from the focus of our merriment; Lord help us fix our gaze squarely on You.

The second and final tradition that our family enjoys is exchanging Holiday greetings with loved ones, near and far.


We send out cards and display the colorful array that arrives in our own mailbox, until Christmas… and then we throw them all in the garbage.


That’s the best part: INSTEAD of regretfully tossing them, or tucking them away in a bin of tinsel and twinkle lights, we keep them handy the entire year in a basket on our dining room table. Each evening, as we gather ’round our table and give thanks to God for His provision, we also pray for one family from our pile of cards. The next night we select another family, and rinse and repeat.

I wish I could recall the genius who passed along this great idea, so I could give credit where credit is due… Alas, it’s the weekend, the end of the day, and the day after Christmas– my brain is mush.



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