Cocooning: China Edition

We were prepared that Little Man might awake this morning with no recollection of what had happened the day before, that we might have to start all over.

We didn’t. He woke up (at 4am, both he and Little Sister fell asleep around 6pm last night) and was his bright little happy self, seeming to recognize us all and genuinely pleased to see us.

Since we were already up, we braved the hotel breakfast (it opens at 5:30) pleased that, as hoped, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The lights, tables, buffet, and windows were stimulus enough for our little guy.



We then went back to our room for some family play before our morning bus-ride to complete official paperwork at the registrar’s office which FINALIZED OUR ADOPTION. Guess what? It’s legal!




It seems we wore him out sufficiently enough that he dozed off and on in the front pack for much of the errand.

Upon returning to the hotel, Husband took Little Sister off to scrounge up lunch while Little Man took a more serious nap and Big Sis relaxed with me. Already, Little Man insists on being rocked to sleep– and I am thrilled to oblige– and protests when I lay him down prematurely. It was hilarious for our oldest to witness the delicate juggle that I have many times told her she was also guilty of as a baby, rocking to sleep and then ever so gently laying in crib without rousing them lest they protest loudly and the whole process must be started over. I am NOT complaining.

After lunch, we went for a quick swim in the hotel pool. We didn’t stay long, but it was a nice little outing that expended some energy. Our biggest challenge, thus far, has definitely been balancing Little Brother’s need for cocooning with Big Sisters’ pent up energy. Both of our girls hit an emotional wall this evening. Little Brother also had a couple of meltdowns over “little things”, an indication that he is starting to grieve his most recent changes. (It’s a good thing.) I had my first “everyone needs me all at the same time” moment. We got through it, and all is well.



Tomorrow, we travel by bullet train (Disney song stuck on repeat in your cranium now, you’re welcome) to our son’s city to apply for his Chinese passport and hopefully will have the chance to visit his orphanage. We are hoping to snap photos for mamas back home who are still waiting for their kiddos, deliver an orphanage gift from another mom, capture some photographs for our son of his origins, and properly thank his nannies.  Not exactly cocooning, but a necessary part of the process.



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