Coming soon to a T-shirt near you…

This is the graphic that we have designed for a t-shirt fundraiser for our adoption. The silhouette is of China, where we hope to adopt from. The symbol is a Mandarin character, “fu”, that translates into English as “blessing”. This character was shared with me (Mia) by a new friend in my weekly bible study who travels regularly to China to teach English and reminds us of our new little blessing that God has for us, so many miles away. The scripture speaks for itself, as God’s prescription for how we ought to spread Christ’s love here on earth.


5 responses to “Coming soon to a T-shirt near you…”

  1. I think Mia said we will do Women’s – M, L & XL

  2. Do you know how the women’s shirt sizes run? I love that aqua color 🙂 Reminds me of the warm tropical waters.

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  4. Love them! I signed up or logged in and it keeps talking Admin stuff. Did I do it right?

    1. To clarify, the shirts aren’t QUITE ready to order yet- this is just a sneak peek. 😉

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