Day in the Life (Every Day I’m Shufflin’)

It’s a busy season. Because of homeschool, we have a tremendous amount of flexibility and freedom, and our kids are receiving a vibrant, multi-faceted education. Still, because we’re facilitating that education it’s all on us, and every day WE. ARE. SHUFFLING.

For your amusement, and for me to look back on one day as an explanation for why my hair went entirely white before my 40th birthday, I’ve decided to document one day from start to finish.

7am – wake up, smooch husband, open blinds to let the light stream in as I shuffle to the Keurig. Brew a strong cuppa dark roast and froth too many tablespoons of creamer because I don’t hate myself. Switch over laundry, load dishes, and answer Echo’s Question of the Day.

7:30 – Hobble next door to see my trio of darling nieces off to school because Much Older Sister has jury duty. Tote along my mug of coffee, my latest read (Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes) and a People crossword. Center Sister tags along while Little Man stays back to enjoy some morning video games; night-owl Firstborn’s still snoozing.

8:30 – Backpacks on, we’re ahead of schedule so we zip down to our favorite mermaid coffee establishment to procure Husband’s nitro cold-brew and next door to Dutch for a round of hot cocoas. Curbside drop-off to hubby en route to school.

9:30 – Back home, our school commences. It’ll be a light day because we’ve got a lot of extra-curriculars and we’re gonna go late– a marathon, not a sprint. As usual, we start with gratitude journals & verses. We feed ourselves and our pets, switch over the laundry, and the kids empty the dishwasher. Spelling, grammar, piano practice, and painting happen.

10am – parade of showers (plus one bath), sort our library returns and renew the ones we’re keeping online, read aloud two chapters of Anne of the Island. (Spoiler: Ruby Gillis has just passed, it takes me seven tries to get through her parting speech to Anne as I sob.)

11am – math x3, we use CTC online and Husband proctors it– bless. I get my own shower, field a string of urgent work calls, and make my bed.

12noon – Kids & I zip out for lunch, the library, & the PO. We go through a lot of stamps and I enjoy choosing fun ones from the counter. Drop off our library books and pick up our holds, then zip to the mall for sushi takeout. It sounds crazy, but Sushi-snob Husband has found the spot in the mall to have incredible quality.

1pm – History on the back patio in the glorious sunshine with our bunnies. We’re learning about St. Francis, St. Clara, and St. Dominic as part of our greater study of the late Middle Ages.

2pm – Choir rehearsal across town. I enjoy two chapters of my book, catch up on email, and finish a magazine while Little Man plays on the playground.

3:50 – Arrive home to snarf down an early dinner that Husband’s magically grilled up. Dress for concert and outfit Little Man for t-ball practice. Husband’s also procured the cookies we’re required to bring to the concert… What would I do without him?

4:20 – Husband & Little Man leave for t-ball, girls & I head back to choir for concert call-time. Arrive late due to a wardrobe meltdown, spend entire drive lecturing on Latin prefix “uni” as it pertains to “uniform”.

6pm – Concert begins. Grandparents gather, girls sing, I cry. They’ve all improved (and grown!) so much.

6:20 – Teen choir leaves the stage and as junior choir takes their turn I dash out with Firstborn and a pal to zip them to theatre rehearsal nearby. The upcoming production is Annie and the director runs a tight ship– they’re lucky to be cast and realize there are no excused absences.

6:30 – Sneak back into concert and enjoy the remainder of the show, do not eat any cookies.

7:30 – Concert ends, Husband & Little Man run an errand so I treat Center Sister to celebratory Jamba.

8pm – Home. Jeopardy, jammies, & popcorn. Self-care… breathe.

8:30 – Bedtime for Little Man, brush the teeth and read the stories.

8:45 – Dash out yet again (in jammies, yes) to collect Firstborn from theatre rehearsal across town.

9:20 – Home again. Girls to bed, two episodes of Schitt’s Creek with Garfield & Hubby and I’m falling asleep on the sectional.

Amazingly, this has been a pretty typical day in the life. Home as our base of school and work, our refuge and command center, Hubby supporting above and beyond in addition to nurturing a thriving business, community and partnership with our extended family next door, and many magical activities for our blessed kiddos in the midst of it all. Thank you, Lord, for the privilege.

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