In June 2001, as our long-awaited nuptials drew near, I stressed about the dumbest stuff.

The strapless bridesmaid dress that wouldn’t zip, the harpist that lacked punctuality (yet possessed ample attitude), delegating the precious task of pining corsages on grandmothers to the nearest helper and neglecting to take photographs with them.

Dumb. I’ll just go ahead and say it: I was a Bridezilla.

Instead of steeping in the enormity of the impending occasion, I distracted myself with minute details, completely irreverent.

Here I stand, again, at a precipice, details threatening to consume me. I’d like to consider myself older wiser, yet old habits die hard.

Funds, fees, flights, vaccines. Luggage for five people for three weeks. Four chickens, two guinea pigs, two frogs and a cat who’ll need looking after while we’re in China. Tenant set to vacate our out of state rental home right about the time that we board the plane, eastbound. It’s enough to whip me into a tornado of anxiety.

I’m a planner, a controller. My modus operandi is to itemize and strategize. To stew and process and over-think until I’m nearly consumed (and sufficiently distracted). At a certain point all my best-laid planning culminates into a form of idolatry and robs me of the freedom in trusting God with the details.

Yet God tells me to Be still. To Cease striving. Not to be idle, no, but not to worry.

“Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34


Awaiting our Article 5 from China and our travel approval soon after. Lost a week due to government closures for Chinese New Year.

Our family will be featured on Give1Save1 the week of the 24th of this month. They will air a video we put together and we need your help to share it on social media.

My dear friends are hosting another Noonday trunk show, here in Bozeman the evening of the 28th, which will feature the new spring line of fair-trade accessories from impoverished nations around the globe and benefit our adoption fund. Even if you are not local you can order online and credit will go towards our cause.

We are still awaiting responses from four adoption grants and praying for favor with them.

Foremost, we are praying that our hearts would be prepared to welcome our Little Guy and afford him much grace as he adjusts to life in his forever family.


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