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I have a serious case of yard-envy.

It seems we are the only family in our new, rural subdivision who did not finance their landscaping into their mortgage.

Ours remains a lifeless dustbowl, but we are steadily earning sweat equity by doing the bulk of the design and labor ourselves.

Besides, our plans for our property are a tad unconventional. I’m excited to watch them come to fruition. (With my feet up, mason jar of lemonade in hand, as husband toils…)

In the meantime, I’m learning to embrace the terra firma.

little man is decidedly content to play in the dirt and rocks
with his little neighbor chum
the girls are less impressed, and forced to be more inventive with their outdoor play
we couldn’t wait any longer, and assembled the kids’ trampoline right on top of the dirt

My modest veggie container-garden will suffice until Handsome Husband builds us some raised beds.

“atoe” garden: tomatoes and potatoes (plus cilantro and sunflowers)
felt especially clever to snatch up this bag of organic potatoes on clearance that were past their prime. ideal for planting in the ground! one lb. of seed potatoes should yield about ten lbs. of potatoes at harvest
pretty sure you’re ‘supposed to’ cut them up before planting (2 eyes per chunk), but i never bother
master designer

Other recent shenanigans include the hanging of Uncle Buck. While I quite dig this addition to the living room, I concede that the mounting of severed heads on the wall is a peculiar custom.

morbid decor

The kids enjoyed some May Day mischief, in honor of my late great-grandmother, whose birthday was also May first and who taught me this fun tradition.


The girls also have a new hobby: Having joined a local 4H group, they are learning to ride and care for horses. (Since I know precisely zero on the subject.)


rocked her new riding helmet for the rest of the day– safety first!
the stables we visited also had goats!
i’m still considering getting one and pretending it’s a dog, lest the hoa fine us

Have you tried your hand at this fun new app, courtesy of Microsoft?


I suppose it’s really only fun when it does this. Ha! Accurate? Not so much. The kids had fun seeing how their different expressions affected the outcome each time.


love me a good countryside sunset


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