Fall Bucket List

Fall is my frrravorite…

“the sun may warm the grass to life, the dew the drooping flower; 

and eyes grow bright and watch the light of autumn’s opening hour…”*


Sadly, my favored season lasts mere weeks here in the greater Bozeman area. To effectively carpe autumnal diem, before the snow arrives, one must dive in with proactive gusto and stategery…

Ergo, the following is the 2015 Autumnal Chapter of my bucket list for your enjoyment and collaboration, in no particular order:

1) rain boot puddle-stompin’ nature walk

2) annual Oregon visit shenanigans

2) bake pumpkin cookies (or trick my sister into baking them when we visit)

4) pick apples from an orchard and remember Great Grandma Schafer


5) get sick on candy corn (also likely to happen with sister, in oregon)

6) corn maze/pumpkin patch

7) roast pumpkin seeds

8) forage for chestnuts

9) croquet tourney

FullSizeRender (3)

10) seed backyard pond with baby turtles before brumation (yep.)

11) commence Christmas shopping

12) complete Halloween costume construction

oh, you know… just stitching 50 rubber snakes to a swim cap

13) freeze butt off and lose voice at a Bobcats football game

14) outdoor movie with the ‘hood ala Goldenrod Lane

15) harvest & store sunflower seeds for next year’s garden

FullSizeRender (17)

What did I forget?? Suggestions appreciated. 

*christian hymn quoted in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s By the Shores of Silver Lake


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