Fight the Power: A Chicken Campaign

By nature, I generally view things as either black or white, good or bad. I’m a rule follower.

Still, I recognize that sometimes rules can be archaic, nonsensical… rubbish. Just because one has a general respect for rules need not mean they switch their brains off entirely, coasting on auto-pilot and blindly accepting arbitrary mandates as Gospel.

Take, for example, the keeping of domestic chickens: Permitted today in most urban cities, including the small one we recently moved to the outskirts of, but prohibited in the rural, countryside subdivision where we now reside. On a 5k square foot lot in Bozeman proper, chickens are welcome, but here on just-shy-of-an acre, backed up to miles of farmland, they are forbidden. Where’s the sense in that?

We moved from the city to our countryside home fully informed– having thoroughly examined the HOA covenants, codes, and restrictions, as is our due diligence. We understood that poultry was prohibited, and, however obtuse, never considered blatant disregard of the rules.

Did you know that chickens are considerably less noisy, smelly, and destructive than dogs? Plus– they make eggs! 

Because of my years as a real estate professional, I knew that working to amend the rules would be the wiser route (our four faithful laying hens were a gift with purchase on the sale of our last home). I hope to teach my children to be rule changers and makers– not rule breakers.

Here in Montana, land owner rights and civil liberties are sacred #donttreadonme and no construction developer is going to hinder my right to peaceful enjoyment of property. The amendment of our subdivision bylaws to include the keeping of a modest flock of domestic chickens is up for a vote at our next Homeowners’ meeting– I’m exercising my civic duty to ensure that it passes. Behold, our chicken campaign…

I’m channeling Leslie Knope (my patronus), packing up these goodies, and heading out with the kiddos to canvass the neighborhood. Vote yes 4 chickens!

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