Geeking-Out with my Better-Half

Why do I call Husband my better-half? One example: For HIS birthday, he treated THE REST OF US to a wonderful weekend away.

We shirked tradition this Easter and skipped off instead for an urban adventure, to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the birth of my favorite human. It just happened to coincide with Resurrection Sunday this year, and next weekend’s already booked for Firstborn’s own birthday festivities– she was due on Husband’s birthday twelve years ago, but was poetically late to the party as my half of her genetics would have it.

As we’re technically Washingtonians for the time-being, residing just across the river from Oregon in the greater Portland area until we close on our new house, we naturally ventured north to Seattle for our weekend exploring. Husband got a good deal on a fancy-pants hotel he’s used previously for work, and requested a room on the 18th floor to freak me out. (I’m terrified of heights.) We geeked out properly, stalking Bill Gates around the Microsoft campus, gaming, shopping, and attending a Star Trek exhibition.

original starbucks– aside from the herman melville variety
who’s a spoiled brat & got a new mug to add to her collection on her husband’s birthday? this girl.

perhaps I mentioned I’m not keen on heights?

I sure am grateful this man was born.