ISO: Cross-Country Pen Pals

Whether you home-school or not, year-round or not, summer need not be a season of complete educational atrophy. I’d encourage any family to chisel out an hour a day to devote to an interest-led unit study…

US geography is on the syllabus in the White house, this summer. State capitols and history, coloring a giant United States poster… I’ve been conspiring for months, but when the standardized tests the girls recently completed indicated maps/geography as an area that “needs improvement“*, that sealed the deal.

click pic to link of one similar– can’t recall where online we got ours

To flesh out the unit study further, I’m stealing my friend Molly’s awesome moves by soliciting state-themed postcards from friends/family across the country, in hopes of collecting one from each state. New pen-pals? Bonus!

If you’re willing to send a post-card featuring your home-state to my kidlets, comment below and I’ll message our mailing address. I’ll keep a running list of states collected here. Thanks in advance for the fun!

*In their defense, this was not surprising, and not their fault as I hadn’t taught it yet. They rocked all other subjects, a testament of Husband’s smarty-pants genes and evidence that I haven’t ruined them entirely quite yet. 😉


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