Just in Time for Christmas

This morning I woke and made the kids a stinky, hot breakfast. The sink is still full of dirty dishes. The counters are covered in clutter, the floor littered with toys, books and blankies, and our beds are unmade. And I don’t care.

Can you guess why?

If you’ve been following along, you’ll recognize this as a stark contrast to the maniacal cleaning/staging we’ve been struggling to maintain as our house is on the market. Hastily vacating with children mid school-lessons, with guinea pigs and laundry in tow, to accommodate prospective buyers as they tour our home. The struggle is real. No mas.

Just as we were about to throw in the towel, to cry “Uncle!” and take the house off the market for a few months for a much-needed reprieve that would allow us to enjoy Christmas in our home, waiting for the market to pick up, we got TWO competing offers on our house.


We are so thankful, and relieved, and find God’s timing downright hilarious. The author of comedy, He certainly has a sense of humor. It looks like we’ll be moving into our new place in February, and I’m pretty confident that I won’t clean this house even once until then. Kidding, not kidding.

We still have a long way to go, with inspections, appraisals, et al, but we are proceeding with cautious optimism. Besides, we have a back-up offer.

The house we love we had an accepted offer on, then got bumped to second position, then the folks that bumped us got cold feet and we got bumped back into first position, then we terminated because our house hadn’t sold yet. What a roller-coaster ride! I can’t believe it might just actually happen, after all. Merry Christmas to us!

On a related note, if you find yourself in Bozeman, Montana, in need of a hard-working, honest Realtor, call my pal (and former boss, and new BFF) Sally Hickey. Being a real-estate broker, myself (in Oregon), I can say with certainty that she works harder than any I’ve ever met. The year I worked for her (to help fund our adoption and keep me out of Target while our girls were in school all day), my primary job function was to remind her to break for lunch. And to not come to work on her birthday. Two years ago she listed Bestie Kristin’s home here after they had tried selling several times prior, with other agents, to no avail. She successfully sold her house, similarly, in just one month!

Anyhoo, I’ve got a Happy Dance to get back to. You’ll recall it looks a little something like this:




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