Where have we been? Where are we at?

We are buried in paperwork. For realsies.

We just completed 12 painstaking pages [each] of autobiographical questionnaire detailing nearly every waking thought/experience we’ve had from conception until present. Then notarized it.

We arranged for guardianship of our {THREE!} children in the event of our untimely demise. Notarized.

We sent for our criminal background checks. Notarized them.

Solicited letters of reference. Will be notarizing these.

After school today, all four of us completed our required physician’s exams and blood work. “Happy Friday – let’s do a blood draw!” (Sorry girls.) Did I mention we’ll also need those notarized?

We scheduled our four interviews (in two visits) with our social worker from our Home Study agency for next weekend. Please pray for me. Please do not call. Just kidding. [No I’m not.] It has been determined by experts my closest friends that my true Love Language {excellent book by Gary Chapman} is text messaging. I’d love to hear from you that way. Actually, pray for my ever-patient husband who will likely act as defensive lineman opposite the frenzy of nervous cleaning that will surely ensue.

In other news, I’m considering becoming a Notary Public.  I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to fund our entire adoption (or several?) with my earnings. In all honesty, how cool is it that my sweet friend, director of Encompass Orphan Care, is a notary? I have called her in panic – “We missed a document that needs to be notarized… again…” – more times than I care to admit and have yet to receive a bill.

Back to today’s doctor visit. I was a smidge nervous. China is the only country with BMI limits on prospective adoptive parents… and let me confess, with our “winter layer” thoroughly lacquered to our frames (it is COLD here in Montana, y’all!), I was worried we would exceed them. Granted, I had no idea what our current BMI’s are, nor what the actual limits from China are, but I may or may not have seriously considered wearing Spanx to the doctor’s office. Turns out we were totally fine. Now, pass me the chocolate.

Besides the rat race of paperwork that threatens to overtake us, we’re also doing a lot of dreaming and nesting…

How old will our new child be? Will we get to name her? She’ll, of course, need an “A” name like her sisters.

Will she be in diapers? Will she be ready for school? A car seat? A booster seat? A front pack? A bicycle?

Here is some of what we do know:

IMG_6042Next year we will home-school at least two children. Our hope is that this will aid in the cocooning period and foster sibling bonding/attachment.

If she is still a baby, her nursery will be the large alcove in our master bedroom. If she is older, Hubs and I will switch rooms with the girls and give the three of them the master. (On a side note, I love how what was perceived as a negative when we bought this house in July <lack of a master bathroom> is now a positive. I love how God is in the details and goes before us.)

We have room in the minivan.

We have room at our beautiful new farm table.

We have three bar-stools nestled under the counter of our kitchen island- and one needs a patron.

And so we wait…





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