Muppet Parenting

Remember the classic 1980’s film The Dark Crystal, of Jim Henson fame? Sure, it was cinematic good fun, but who could forget the scarring scenes where innocent critters had their life-essence forcibly sucked from them?

Husband and I were commiserating recently, after an exceptionally wearing day at work/home-school, preceded by a trying night of regular sleep interruptions from our precious offspring. We then started comparing our respective plight to the aforementioned on-screen Muppet manslaughter, and have agreed that is precisely what our children have mastered. They drain us, God bless them.

I jest. To be clear, I can think of no better cause worth pouring my life into… we are, indeed, willing victims. For as much as they deplete us, our kiddos enrich our lives, one hundredfold .

While chatting with a dear friend last night, we agreed that this parenting gig is not for the faint of heart. It is hard, but good– and we wouldn’t change a thing.