Rediscovering Oregon: Bandon Beaches

Ah the glorious Oregon coast… moody, romantic, tumultuous yet serene. Five years in a landlocked state gave me a better appreciation for the blessing I took for granted my entire life. I grew up taking impromptu jaunts west to the ocean nearly once a month; because, why not? It’s only an hour drive to Lincoln City.

Regarding the Oregon coast: Cannon Beach is the most well known, Seaside’s the most fun & built-up for tourists, Manzanita is quaint & quirky, Astoria steeped in local history; Newport has the fun aquariums, and Lincoln City is tried and true– but the most unsung Oregon beach town in my seldom humble opinion is Bandon. It checks all of this homeschool mama’s boxes: Generous sandy beaches, sparser population, consistently fair weather, massive monoliths, rocky caves, teeming tidepools, prolific sea life, an old abandoned lighthouse, good fishin’, a handsome boardwalk, and darling shell & taffy shops… it’s quite a ways south, but worth the drive if you’ve got the time.

Face Rock is an impressive local landmark, can you make out the profile of the sea maiden?

I spy a mermaid, obvi.

So don’t overlook Bandon when you visit the Oregon coast… it’s a rare gem that warrants a visit and won’t disappoint.